Faster Than Usual – Runlog 6-1-17

After a long day of facilitator training, I needed to get out and do a good run. Yeah, I know my training plan said a rest day, but about an hour earlier a big thunderstorm went through, so when I stepped outside the air was crisp and there was a light breeze.

Great conditions for a good run.

It was actually nice to be able to breath normally – the pollen count was way down, so I started out figuring it would be a nice 3-4 miles at a comfortable pace.

Well that is what I initially thought.

I started running about 200 yards from Winthrop Street up the railroad bed parking area and ran down Rail Trail to the telephone pole before the little bump in Hallowell. I was running good and after the half mile marker, without a lot of effort on my part, I picked the pace up to catch up and eventually pass a couple of other runners.

You know something I was actually running and not worrying about my leg, Achilles or feet!!!

I simply ran!

First time in a long time, that I have been able to do that.

So I didn’t slow down and kept going. Now it is has been a while since I have done any kind of faster pacing for anything longer than one of Bennie’s vehicle intervals, so I was wondering how long I could maintain this wonderful feeling faster pace.

I got to the turn-around feeling good and continued to run comfortably hard all the way back to the mile remaining point and picked it up another notch and still felt good. However, with about 300 yards left, I lost my focus and started doing some serious wool gathering. As a result I slowed way down for about 100 yards. When I realized that I had slowed down so much, I quickly picked my pace back up and finished strong and then added on enough in cool-down to get an even 30:00 minutes.

It felt good to pick up the pace to a decent pace, after plodding and plodding and more plodding. The best part is that I wasn’t thinking about my foot and even after I stopped it didn’t bother.

As I am writing this a couple of hours later, I did my foot test, where attempt to I walk on my forefoot, not letting my heel touch down and see how much or how long I can do it before the pain become too much and I have to go back to walking heel first. Over the last few months, I can get 5 feet or so and have to stop. Tonight I walked 10 feet and then turned around and walked back, without the pain going over a 2.

First time in long that I have been able to do this.

Progress is being made.

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