And So “It” Begins

Today the first step was taken.

After talking a LOT with Mary, we decided that it was time for me to go back to being retired. We have worked hard, been frugal and are in a position where I don’t have to work unless I want to.

While I like where I work and believe that what I do there is important and how I do it make me an asset, not an arse.

However, since Phil’s death, we have done a lot of thinking and talking about what is important in our lives. There is a LOT of stuff that we will have to take care of moving forward and my continuing to work will get in the way of what we need to do.

This morning I talked with my supervisor and submitted my resignation effective June 30th. She is a great boss and understood completely why I was getting done, but it didn’t make it any easier for me to actually do it. That guilt that is felt when you are a member of a team and then decide to leave is tough.

In spite of those feelings, I know that it is what needed to be done.

On July 1st, I go back to taking the road less traveled.

6 thoughts on “And So “It” Begins

  1. All the best in taking that road less traveled, Harold. Sometimes we just have to do what we feel is right for us. Good luck!

  2. All the best, Harold. There is more to life than punching a clock, no matter how much one enjoys the work β€” it still keeps you away from the people who really matter, from the joys yet to be pursued, and from drinking full of the life you’ve been given. The hardest part is getting used to the notion that you are free in every moment of the day.

    1. Thanks Mark, this is the third time I have “retired”, so I know all the things you said are very true. I have a feeling this time I am going to look at it very differently than I have in the past and savor the moments much more than I have.

      How is your house coming along, the last photos I saw, you were getting ready to move in.

  3. Hey – didn’t I already see you do this once? πŸ˜€
    Seriously – good luck with your retirement and refocusing your life. I am sure there will be adjustments (and fewer random shoe purchases! ) … but honestly when you went back there was a bit of a ‘we’ll give this a go’ attitude, and sometimes being open to that can be very helpful when it comes time to make a hard choice like this.
    Savor every moment.

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