Staying Safe – RunLog 6-13-17

Sometimes I do have a brain and do use it.

Yesterday, I ran outside in 85* to 90* temps, it wasn’t bad because I didn’t attempt to do anything stoopid. I ran comfortably to start and then purposely slowed down a little more after getting up by Taco Bell. I could tell that it was not going to be about speed, but running easy. Once I got that through my thick skull, I had a really nice run despite the heat and finished feeling stronger than I thought I would.

Today the temp on my phone told me it was 87*, so when I stepped outside and walked to the car, I decided that running two days in a row outside in that kind of heat might not be the smartest thing. So I drove over to Planet Fitness and headed for the treadmill.

When I got there there were only two others on the treadmill, which surprised me, but hey it gave me a lot of choices of which one to run on. 🙂

I ran in the Adios 3’s for a change and I wanted to see how they did with the new socks I have been using. It has been a while since I have done a real high quality run, so I started off at 7.6 mph (about an 8:00 pace) and stayed at that speed for 26:00 minutes. Then I increased the speed as follows:

  • 26:00 – 7.7 mph
  • 27:00 – 7.8 mph
  • 28:00 – 7.9 mph
  • 29:00 – 8.7 mph

I was very happy with how I ran during this entire run!

At about the 8:00 minute pace on the treadmill, I didn’t feel like I was pushing very hard and until I got to the last minute at a sub 7:00 pace, I felt as though I had plenty of ummph left.

Also and the even more important point – no discomfort while running. This was the first faster run that I have had in a long time that my left heel area, didn’t start to talk to me about how dumb I was being. Hopefully, I am on the mending side of the heel issue.

A nice confidence building run – finally.

Notice that I am not complaining about the heat, just improvising and adapting my running to do it safely.

One thought on “Staying Safe – RunLog 6-13-17

  1. On Sunday I had to split my run because I had to take younger son to the bus station so he could do a couple of day trip to visit friends … so I ran early and it felt great (already 70F at 7AM) … but the second half had to wait until I also did errands and some stuff around the house, and it was over 90F by 1PM and humid. So I went out and could really feel it – so I cut it short. Smart move, I know – but not an easy one. I spent at least a half mile debating with myself because I’d have to turn around …
    It is not easy doing the smart thing – so good for you! And glad for no discomfort!

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