Nike Vomero 11 – After 20 Runs

Events have overtaken the finishing of my Vomero 11 review, I am now up to 30 runs in them and while everything is pretty much the same as I would have written at the 20 run mark, there are some minor updates.


Let’s get back to it.

The Nike Vomero 11 in EE width, yet another last year’s model. The way it is going I have a feeling that I won’t be doing too many of the newest and greatest current running shoes. However, that is okay with me, it means that I am getting great shoes for a lot less than the price they were when they first come out.

I purchased the Vomero 11’s from Running Warehouse on closeout for a decent price at the end of April, since then I have done 20 runs and over 13 hours of running in them

vomero stats

This has been updated to:

plus a lot of walking and wearing them to work.

They are definitely in the right weight range and seem to run lighter than the weight on the scale.


They are the shoe that I reach for when I want to walk or run. The V11’s are a very comfortable shoe and have helped me resolve most of the Plantar heel pain I had a pretty miserable case of back in March/April.


The Nike Vomero 11’s are also a perplexing shoe for me. I love the feel and ride that they have and they fit better than any Nike shoe that I have worn in probably the last 10 years or more, but (ain’t there always a butt ( 😉 ), they are not a running shoe that I would purchase again for running.

Well let’s get to why I wouldn’t buy them again.

Feel and Ride

The Nike Vomero 11 EE have a unique feel and almost luxurious ride, that has a surprising amount of pop that I have come to love. The soft heel is exactly what I was looking for and when I want to pick up the pace (either on a Bennie interval or me attempting to move my arse a little quicker) the V11’s don’t get in the way and have shown really good manners at faster speeds.


However, since I have been focusing more on just running, I have run in them mostly at slower speeds and the cushioning is fantastic.

5 of 5


Due to having Hobbit-like feet and a Tailor’s Bunionette on my right foot, I need wider shoes. With most Nike’s I don’t even bother looking at them in my size (7.5 to 8.0), in a D-width (the toe box taper of most Nike running shoe styles, which in my mind makes most closer to a B-width), which usually means I have to go up to a 9.5 or 10 to give my right foot some measure of comfort, which makes the shoes too long.


So I wanted/needed to try a pair of EE Nike running shoes to see how they fit. While they do fit a LOT better than most D-width Nike’s I have worn, they are still what I would call closer to a D-width, than a true EE width shoe.

I know that my feet do not taper in the toes and really don’t want shoes, much less running shoes that do.  This is the one thing that is the reason that I will not be buying another pair of Vomero’s anytime soon even in EE-width since the amount of taper negatively affects how they fit my right foot.


As long as runners continue to buy shoes with narrower toe boxes and it doesn’t effect the company’s bottom line, I don’t see Nike changing any time soon.

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One of the best uppers I have ever run in. Classy looking, supportive, no hot spots inside the shoe with or without wearing socks. Nike alalways in my mind designs a great upper. It took 4-5 runs to get everything broke in and adjusted to be as comfortable as possible.

5 of 5


A nicely designed road outsole that I think would work pretty well as a year-round shoe, do fine on groomed trails and wet surfaces. The V11’s run quiet and smooth, which is what I really want from a pair of running shoes.

Vomero 11 after 20 Runs

However, after 20 runs (probably around 80-90 miles) I have worn the grooves on the pods pretty smooth in the forefoot, which I think happens more for me when I have the right size shoe. This might affect grip in wet weather, but there is still plenty of material left on the pods to last for quite a while.

Update at 30 runs the forefoot outsole continues to wear faster than I am used to and while the wear has not affected the ride or anything, it will impact the longevity of the shoes for me.

Vomero 11 after 30 runs


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Final Thoughts

It comes down to fit, feel and how comfortable a pair of running shoes feel on my feet, not a brand’s slick marketing campaign. Which is as it should be, since we all have different preferences, fit requirements and expectations from our running shoes.

While I love the feel and ride of the Vomero 11’s, unfortunately and I do mean unfortunately, the toe box fit on my right foot is not good enough.  The fit is too snug with regular socks on and after 5-6 miles the right foot doesn’t like these shoes. Running without socks is an option, but after 5-6 miles in the summer heat sockless running gets dicey and blisters can happen pretty quickly.


And don’t say, well just size-up, I am tired of wearing running shoes that are too long and are not flexing where they are supposed to on my foot. It is often not the correct answer and creates other issues that may not be as readily apparent as the shoe width, but still do affect well the shoes fit and how efficiently you run in them.

Which means I will run in these until they are worn out, but at this time am fairly certain that I will not be getting another pair of the Vomero line, even in EE in my size, because of the taper to the toe box, which does not work for my right foot.

Which is really too bad, because I do really like the shoes otherwise.

It is more my foot’s issue than any issue with the Vomero 11’s, but it is enough to make me move on to something else.


2 thoughts on “Nike Vomero 11 – After 20 Runs

  1. Toes box is important. I changed shoe brands years ago to get a larger toe box.
    It’s too bad that companies change their shoes every year. I used to only run in Brooks, now I run mostly in Saucony.
    The outsoles of your Nikes do seem to be wearing out quickly.

    1. Yeah, I like a lot about Nike and always have, they seem to work better than most for me, but are not quite what I want in the toe box. We will see how the Hoka’s work out over the next few months.

      I am a little disappointed with the wear of the outsole, that and the toe box shape seems to be problems. Oh well. Just the way it is. 🙂

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