Back to My Regularly Scheduled Posts – RunLog 6-26-17

Well it is time to get back to routine posts, you know the ones that are all about my running that day.

Part of getting things back to normal, whatever to hell that is.

Today’s run was one of those that you just love to get outside and run. The temps were in the 60’s, a light breeze, low humidty and partly cloudy. I started out a bit slower than I thought I would and then on OCCDr, I started to pick it up.

I didn’t want a hard or fast run, so I got slightly above comfortable running and held it there for most of the run. Going down Leighton, just seemed pretty easy and I am sure that I was going faster than usual  and then coming back up Leighton, while it is a slight uphill grade, it is a bit longish, I maintained a consistent pace.

Once I turned the corner back onto OCCDr, I did pick up the pace to comfortably hard for the rest of the run.

The Hoka Infinite’s did everything I asked of them during the run, although I did feel the PF a little bit after wearing my other shoes to work this morning. So the other shoes will go into the give-away pile even though I do like them. I just can’t take a chance on re-aggravating my PF, just when I am getting back to running without PF discomfort.

I was very happy with this run and without working at it too hard, I came within 7 seconds of my best time for this course, which surprised me because I know that I put a lot more effort into that run than I did today.

Very good run and it feels good to get back to just posting about running again.