A Head Clearing Rail Trail Run – RunLog 6-30-17

In case you haven’t heard I retired again today. You can read about it here, but now that it is done, what did I do after I left where I used to work?

Of course I went for a run on the Augusta Rail Trail.

No photos, no GPS data, nope just me, myself and I doing a relaxing run along the Kennebec River, taking a quick lap around Capitol Park, running through down town Hallowell and then back to the Augusta Trail Head.

It was a bit humid, overcast and in the 70’s, actually I thought it might rain while I was out there, but unfortunately, it didn’t. However, after some of the experiences I had with the shoes I was wearing on the wet tar that was there, it probably was a good thing it didn’t.

I needed some time to myself, to collect, sort and think about the morning’s goodbyes, what the future might bring and attempting to catch that runner who was a ways ahead of me and then remembering that it was supposed to be a slower run. So I backed off and kept plugging along at a much more comfortable pace.

Going up the hill by the YMCA felt a lot better than it did the last time I ran it, but then again I did it a lot sooner in the run than last time (purposely). There is something about Capitol Park that I just don’t run well there, I have no idea why, but whenever I run up there I just suck. No biggie, but I am not sure why I feel that way whenever I run there.

I was disappointed with the Hoka Infinite’s when I hit the wet sections of the tar, they just felt slippery. I wouldn’t want to try to push the pace in them on a wet day, they just didn’t feel secure. Also they felt more snug in the toe box today than they have previously. The other thing is that I can feel a bit more tightness in the left Achilles since I have been running pretty much only in the Infinite’s.

So while I like them enough to keep them in my rotation until they are finished, they are not the answer I was looking for. There are just too many little things that when you put them together for me to get this model again. It was a nice experiment to see how the Hoka’s felt on my feet, but I need a true EE-width running shoe and something that is a higher drop to protect that balky Left Achilles a little more.

A nice run after yesterday’s comfortably hard run and it did help clear my head after all the emotions of the day. It was needed.

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