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Month: July 2017

The Greatest Speech Ever Made?

Most of the time I attempt to stay apolitical with my online/social media stuff. Honestly, it just is not worth the headaches, abuse or horseshit you gotta put up with […]

Minor Updates to My Blog

There have been a a few changes on the blog as I get ready for that 60th birthday thing (next week). Yeah, reaching that next decade makes you think about […]

Week In Review – 7-23-17

Another week in the books and yes, it finally feels like I am doing something more than being on vacation – a helluva lot of work is getting done versus […]

A Typical Day – In Retirement

I have a little experience with this retirement thing or not being a part of the regular workforce to any degree, so when I left University College at the end […]

Congratulations and Looking Back

I went back to University College today for a former co-worker, well actually my supervisor’s change of jobs luncheon, someone who over the time I worked at UMA became what […]

Two Runs Today – RunLog 7-16-17

Well today I did something I haven’t done since early May, run a double workout. Now that I am back in familiar territory, I can visualize what I actually need […]