A New Beginning and First Run Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s – RunLog 7-1-17

KIMG0960What does a new retiree do the first morning of his retirement?

Why go running with his spastic Jack Russell Terrier named Bennie and try out the new shoes that the office got him as a going away present of course.

What else would this crazy-arse runner do?

It was a bit muggy at 84% humidity, but the temp was only around 67*F, so it kind of balanced it out. Bennie doesn’t do well in the the humid stuff so we did slow down a bit coming back to let him have some puddle wading time.

First Run

Now about these new running shoes – yes, another pair.

This time the Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s. I have had a lot of Mizuno shoes over the years and usually like them except for the narrow toe-box and it seems like at around 200 miles something goes in the sole and my right knee begins to tell me all about it.

To be honest I haven’t been too happy with any of the other shoes that I have worn this year, nothing is quite right for my feet or else they bother my Achilles/Plantar Fascia region. So I have been going from shoe to shoe way too much. After reading lots of good things about the WR20’s and my previous experiences with Mizuno running shoes, I figured that I might as well try the brand again and see how they fit in an EE offering.

I don’t get too hyped up about new shoes anymore, I have had way too many pair that turned out to be fool’s gold and after raving about the shoe, I have to eat my hat and say they were not nearly as good as I initially thought.

However, in this case I will make an exception.


Within the first half mile of running in them, I knew that I had something special for my feet. There was none of this oh it must be the sock being too tight on my right foot’s Tailor’s Bunionette, mmmm why is my left Achilles tightening up, the PF is doesn’t feel quite right or all the other little niggles and squeaks that my body usually announces to me when I go for a run lately.

Most Mizuno’s require a 30-50 mile break-in period to really get comfortable and here I was running along in the Wave Rider 20’s like they were already broke in. No hot spots, no thinking about which part of my feet are hurting, because the shoes just don’t fit quite right.

Yeah, I was able to run in them. Even with the humidity and a lot of Bennie stops, I still tied my best time for my Wildwood O/B course on my first run in these shoes. Without a doubt I could have run double-digits out of the box with them.

The best part was that the left Achilles wasn’t talking to me when I got to the 3.0 mile mark like they have in my other shoes I have run in lately. There was none of that “if you don’t mind, it don’t matter” dealing with unnecessary aches and pains while running that I have had to put up with so much lately.

Going through the dirt road down-back to Tiffany, they had nice manners and plenty of protection from the rocks and stuff. Once we got to through there and back on wet tar the grip was good, no feeling like I was slipping when going through to toe-off. Although and I say this with every Mizuno shoe I have run in they are a bit more noisy than I like, but that is due to the amount of rubber in the outsole and more than likely my horrible mechanics.

Nope Mizuno shoes are not whisper quiet, but they are comfortable as all get out. The best part is that the Wave Rider 20’s are a true EE width and the heel cup is still snug – both things I had worried about when I ordered them. The WR20’s did great at slower paces and when Bennie wanted to race the mailman’s little truck or at the end when a car went by they let me run faster without feeling like they were getting in the way.

They weighed in at 9.4 oz, which is just about perfect for what I want in my daily trainer.


The Wave Rider 20’s are a nice do it all shoe for those of us who don’t really need racing flats anymore, but want a shoe that is comfortable and versatile. I have a feeling that when I get these to 20 runs the review will be quite good.

It does help that they are bright orange, you know Harold shoes. 🙂

One thought on “A New Beginning and First Run Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s – RunLog 7-1-17

  1. haha – gotta love that they got you running shoes for retirement! Perfect!

    And it really is the perfect thing sometimes, a run to help clear your head, give you space to put stuff in perspective. Can’t be easy to sort out everything …

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