Slipped Off The Radar for A Bit

We have been over in New Hampshire since last Sunday without any Internet, so I have been doing things old school and not doing a lot of online stuff. Not that I really had a lot of time, inclination or ummpphh left in the evening to do much else except rest up for the next morning.

We did get a lot done on getting things taken care of inside the house. I won’t say that my brother-in-law was a hoarder, but he was a pretty extreme pack-rat that had a place for everything and space was at a premium in a smaller home.

As you can see a truckload of computers, printers, monitors and assorted cables/accessories for recycling.


  • 22 – Computer Towers
  • 6 – laptops
  • 16 – monitors
  • 31 – printers

We cleaned and corralled LUR (loathsome, uchy and repulsive) stuff that was on the carpets, floors and walls. We have a different expectation of clean and there was a lot of cat fur floating around, dust bunnies and other things – we just named it – LUR. After several sweepings, vacuumings, carpet cleaning and wall washing – LUR is much less of an issue


41 bags of trash (over the last month), 7 trips to the transfer station, in addition to the stuff we gave away in previously, made the saying of one man’s trash is another’s treasure very true. There was a lot that we thought was trash, which was gladly taken by others.

All I can say is for such a small house, he certainly packed a lot of stuff into it and now there is a lot less stuff in there now.

The biggest thing that we ran into was a lack of hot water. The hot water is through the heating system, so no hot water, except what we warmed up on the stove – I wasn’t sure how to operate the system and we didn’t get someone in to show us until this morning. It was probably a good thing, the firebox in the furnace is shot, the stovepipe to the chimney needs to be replaced and will all need to get fixed before we can use it.

A pain in the butt, but something you work-around.

Now to get going on repairs that need to get done that we can’t do. So lots of scheduling, estimates to be gotten and then schedule the work…to be continued.

As far as my running goes.

I ran.

Sunday – Summer Street to 3 to 2 Loop – Tough arse run! 78*F sun. After 3 hour drive and cleaning for 6 hours, I went for a run. Probably a mistake, but I needed it. I did well going down the hill, but by the time I got back to the hill I was pretty well toast. Did a little walking up the hill by the Commons and finished. That was good enough.

Looking up that hill – nasty, but it will pay dividends later when need to race up a long-arse hill 🙂

Monday – Same loop as Sunday – However, was a little cooler and made it all the way around the course. Although McDonalds did provide a pit stop for the second day in a row.

Tuesday – Upta Camp – running on the dirt roads up there. Some of the hills kicked butt, but overall a good run

Wednesday – DNR

Thursday – DNR

By Wednesday,  I was just dead tired (physically & mentally) and running was the last thing I felt like doing, I had expended all my energy and this morning I did two more loads to the transfer station and then a 3 hour drive home. Nothing left.

All I can say is that the worst of the cleaning is done and it will be nice to go over, get things done and do some running around the area, beyond just that simple route that I found, but and it is a big but there are some serious hillage to get used to in the area. The worst part is just about every route means coming back up the hill that the house is on.

However, I will run.

Oh yeah, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 EE’s – loving them. Best running shoe I have worn in a long, long time for my feet. Very comfortable and seem to be part of the solution.

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