First Real Day of Being Retired

Even though I retired again last Friday and have ran since then a few times, today was the first day that it felt like I was retired and not just on vacation.

What are you talking about Harold, don’t all the days feel the same to a retiree?

No, not really. Especially when most of the first week of being retired was spent over in New Hampshire. It felt like I was simply on vacation (even though it was a working vacation).

Today was the first day I was home when I normally would have been at work. It was weird in a good way, not having to rush to either get a run in before work or more likely with my summer schedule to get up do the morning routine and then rush off to work.

This morning I was able to enjoy breakfast, talk a bit with Mary, get caught up on the news that I wanted to read more about and then…was able to do some stretching and prehab stuff that I haven’t done regularly in two years before I went for my run.

Then instead of limiting a run to 3-4 miles, I was able to do my old Friday morning course (the Middle Road loop) and not stress out whether I had enough time to do it, shower and still get to work on time.

Instead I was able to relax, enjoy the running, well until I hit Warren Hill (which usually kicks my butt) and then when I got over to the dirt road down back – the Town had “fixed” the road earlier in the week. In other words a grader had gone up and down the dirt sections, filled in the potholes, smoothed out the road and loosened every rock in the county or so it seemed.


In other words until it rains a few times and gets packed down, the dirt roads down-back are now ankle buster or sore heels roads. Which meant that I had to slow down more than I was planning for the last mile and half.

Not a bad thing, but I definitely had to pay more attention to where my feet were landing and the Wave Plate on the Wave Rider 20’s became an ad hoc rock plate that really helped to protect those tender heels of my mine.


It was probably just as well, because I was getting pretty tired by that point. With everything that has been going on in June and this month, I have lost any speed that I started to get back and will have to work on re-establishing my base fitness again. Even though I have been running fairly regularly, I just feel as though I lost a lot of fitness over the past month or so.

Time to re-establish things and look at what I want to do this fall for racing.

Oh yeah, you will be so proud of me!!! I actually went into the back of the garage and did a quick 10 minute session with weights and hung upside down like a bat on my inversion table. It is something that I never made time for once I went back to work, but now…well let’s just say that I time is less of an impediment to doing things and I know that I need to start doing this a lot more often.

Especially when doing 5 pushups, 30 second planks are difficult and I am weighing in at 167 pounds – time to get back into shape and get my arse moving a little faster again.

Let’s see if I can get back up to banging out 30 pushups, 2:00 minute planks and get that weight back under 150. If I do those things, I have a feeling that the running will improve just a bit as well.

Even so, I think I am going to like this retired thing, once I get things caught up a little more.

Although I did get one thing crossed off Mary’s todo list for Harold, the ceiling fan in the living room switch broke while we were in New Hampshire and needed to be replaced – mission accomplished.

I have a feeling that something else will replace it on the list pretty quickly. Oh, the whining of a newly retired hubby who’s wife will find him plenty to do to keep him out of trouble…err from running too much.