An Hour Run – RunLog 7-8-17

What a gorgeous morning, by the time I got outside to get my run in, it had warmed up to the low 60’s, glorious sunshine with a nice breeze to keep things comfortable. I had planned to run out to Goodhue and back to get in an hour long run for the first time in a while.

The first mile was 8:22 and I stayed at the 8:20 to 8:30 pace for the first 4.0 miles and then I began to slow down – although I did think about a couple of telephone pole pick-ups between miles 4 and 5, but stayed smart and kept a steady pace. Although I did start to slow down after that.

Coming up the little hill after the Brook wasn’t bad, but when I got over to Stevens Hill I was pretty much toast. I got past Matt and the horses (he was working them down-back), but about ¾ up the hill, I gave up and walked to the upper gate. I didn’t have to stop for any physical reason, but didn’t have the ummphh to keep going at that point mentally.

It was just one of the lapses of focus and after about 50 feet, I forced myself to get my arse in gear again. It wasn’t pretty, but I made it the rest of the way to the house without any real issues.

I guess it got a bit warmer towards the end, because as I went by the Gagne’s house, I could swear that my hat started to rain sweat…which might have explained a little better why I stopped on the hill.

After I finished, I did something that I want to do more often, cool-down walk around H/C. After cooling down, I went in the back the garage again for a quick 10 minute weight session (I am starting slowly, just to get my body ready to do a little more with weights), in a couple of weeks I probably will get a little more serious about it, but for now it is just light and easy. Then I hung upside down like a bat for a couple of minutes.

The Wave Rider 20’s did fine and didn’t bother my feet at all. Although at around 5.0 miles I could feel a little discomfort in the PF/heel area of my left foot. Nothing serious, but after all the issues I had with it during the spring, it is worth keeping an eye on. The good news is that it didn’t bother me going up and down the ladder while I was doing some roof repairs this afternoon, so it is just a lingering thing that I am working on with some golf ball therapy to keep it happy.

A pretty good run, all things considered.

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