Retirement Week #1 – Week In Review

There, I survived being retired…well week #1 anyway!

Let’s get one thing straight I am not a carpenter, plumber, mechanic, electrician or any of the other trades.

I am a career paper pusher, teacher or computer geek – who knows enough about all that other stuff to be dangerous, not overly proficient in any trade or able to cut a straight line. However, I am in decent shape, know how to work, talk to people and am not afraid of physical labor or attempting something new/different when it comes to repairing something.

This week was definitely a LOT of doing, not just thinking about it or playing on the computer.

New Family Member

We did add a new critter to the menagerie – Jeremiah. Phil’s cat who was in the shelter since the first of June. We decided that he needed to come home with us, since he wasn’t being adopted over there. I won’t lie – the first couple of days back here were not all that fun and I have several puncture wounds to prove it.


However, Jeremiah has calmed down a little and is acclimating to his new home. We are sure there will be some more “interesting” moments from him as he continues to adjust – I just hope that my arms don’t have too many more puncture marks from his claws.

Welcome home Jeremiah – this will be your forever home. Continue reading “Retirement Week #1 – Week In Review”