Rainy Run – Runlog 7-13-17

The rain was coming down very steadily this morning on Bennie’s first walk and he cut it short – he is smarter than me most of the time. After breakfast and my pre-hab work, it had slowed down to a light mist with showers mixed in. Which meant that we were going to get wet.

Not really a big deal – we won’t melt.

Also I was ready to run after 2 days off in New Hampshire, which was more moving stuff to the transfer station, this time it was the heavy stuff…metal dumpster stuff – 3 truckloads and lots of milk crates full of “stuff”.

So I did a lot of weight lifting on Tuesday and am still feeling the after effects today – you know the sore muscles that I don’t use as often as I should – the chicken wings and legs were not used to the squatting and lifting that did take place.

I am finding that running in New Hampshire seems to not be a priority once we get there for either of us. We tend to jump right into the work we know that needs to get done and then by the time the evening comes around we are too tired to even think about running.

So this morning even though I was a little sore and still tired from everything, I wanted, nay needed to run. Besides someone else wanted to get outside to stretch out his legs — that lovable Jack Russell of ours.

The only problem was while it was great temps and I run well in the rain, Bennie hadn’t been down to Pepin with me for a while and needed to re-mark his territory. Which equaled lots and lots of Bennie stops.

Actually when we were running, it was a good a run and coming back up the Bitch, it didn’t seem as overwhelming as it had in the past and we just plugged away coming up the hill.

No complaints from me.

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