First Double-Digit Run in Over a Year – RunLog 7-14-17

I had to take the Nissan in to ACAR in Augusta to have some work done that was going to take about 2 hours. So I had a choice sit there with my thumb up my you know what until the car was done or do something constructive – at least in my mind.

Like go for a run.

This is a photo of the Rail Trail from 2015 and not too much has changed.

I wanted to do a longer run and figured running to Gardiner from ACAR on the Rail Trail would be a good way to find out the condition of my condition. However, there was a problem with that idea that I will get to later.

Going through Hallowell was pretty easy and I didn’t have to contend with too much traffic – which was unusual for a nice day in July, but from a running standpoint I won’t complain. I probably was around a 8:30 pace for the 3-4 miles before I started to fade at bit. Continue reading “First Double-Digit Run in Over a Year – RunLog 7-14-17”