Two Runs Today – RunLog 7-16-17

Well today I did something I haven’t done since early May, run a double workout. Now that I am back in familiar territory, I can visualize what I actually need to do, which makes things simpler and clearer for me.

A lot like how clear it is for these two cats who didn’t know one another 2 weeks ago to get their cream this afternoon – side-by-side.

Run #1

This morning I ran with Bennie, we started out fairly reasonable and it felt pretty good. Well until the delivery truck went by and Bennie went into Bennie interval time. The damn driver thought it was great fun and slowed down so that Bennie kept him in sight almost to the lower gate.

Yeah, that was a quality interval and I have not run that kind of pace for that extended distance for a while. I guess Bennie read my whining about the lack of quality in my runs lately and decided to do something about it. Well he did, let’s just say we hit some pretty fast paces (you can check it out on Strava if you need to know what kind).

Unfortunately, that early interval made the rest of the run a little less enjoyable, although we did pick it up a couple more times over on Blake, just because we could. Coming back was pretty miserable since the humidity was around 94%, the temps were decent, but the humidity was a killer.

Coming back up Stevens Hill I wimped out and walked the last 20 feet before the upper gate and got my arse back in gear again.

I did use the old FR-10 and remembered the biggest thing that I didn’t like about it – how slow it was/is to get GPS signal. Getting the stop/start/auto stop figured back out was a little interesting, but I finally got it done.

A decent run, that had reverse splits, each one was slower than the one before it.

Run #2

After mowing the lawn, eating lunch from the store, taking a nap, writing a blog post, walking the dawg, I still needed to run one more time. The temps when I left the house were still at 86*F, but the humidity was a lot more reasonable and by the time I finished it had dropped down to 81*F. Still warm though.

Going out I felt pretty good and while I didn’t push, I maintained a steady pace. Mile 2.0 was a bit slower, but it felt pretty good. However, that last mile sucked the heat did catch up with me and I just went by effort not pace coming back up Steven’s Hill.

Surprisingly, I was able to pick the pace back up when I went by the Gagne’s house and held it pretty well until I finished.

Both were good runs for different reasons and I am happy with them. It was good to have a new outlook towards my running and it showed a little today. I knew that I wanted to get 30 miles in this week and in order to get that, I knew that I needed that final run to get there and I did it.

I know what I need to do now.

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