A Busy Day and a Decent Run – Runlog 7-18-17

Another three-hour drive over to Lancaster, NH, this morning, stopping at one so-so bakery and then finding a pretty decent bakery over in Bethel. I think it was something like the Red Hen bakery and ice cream shop. I know now that stopping there might have been a mistake, they had cinnamon rolls that were too good (yes, it disappeared quickly and went straight to the waist) and the coffee was pretty decent as well.

We will stop there again and my waistline will hate me each time. hehehehe

Things are moving along on getting the house in Lancaster up-to-snuff and three more truck loads of demo crap to the transfer station. Then add in all that cleaning out kind of stuff that goes along with getting the truck loaded in 88*F weather – I was pretty gassed by the end of that third load. However, you can move around in the garage and can see the back of the house a lot better now.

We must be getting a little known in the neighborhood or is it because I am on first name basis with the transfer station crew and now that some of the neighbors know that I have a pick-em up truck and one asked if I could take what was left of her shower/bath door and fixings there for her. Being the nice guy I am, I said sure and added it to one of the loads.

I even got a quick nap (which Bennie and I were zzzzzing right nicely, until another neighbor came over to visit for a minute) and even though the temps were still in the mid 80’s I think I did pretty good considering how much I had gotten done earlier.

Going down the hill is pretty easy, but I purposely didn’t pick up the pace. I wanted to check out the Lancaster 5K course, so I turned at the town office and went up through the covered bridge. There is a little bump (just enough make you think) after the bridge and then it is pretty much flat or downhill the rest of the way. Although the construction on Summer St made me take a detour and cut some distance off my planned route.

I did see one other runner out there in the heat on Main Street and once I got back past the Town Office, I ran out of willpower (the body had a little left), but the mind was running on empty and I walked, ran until I saw Bennie and Mary coming down the hill and then I ran to them (that ego thing), stopped gabbed for a little and then started running up the hill some more.

As I was getting to the crosswalk a dog came out of the yard and I was worried more about it getting in the road or following me than anything else (it was some of a Jack Russell cross) and then I got to thinking that Bennie would be going by there in a minute and he doesn’t do well with other dogs that are off their leash. I turned around and went back to help Mary get him through that section.

Luckily the dog wasn’t out and we got through there without any issues. After that I turned around finished up the run and then ran back down the hill to walk with Bennie and Mary.

No, it wasn’t my best run, but I got it done and yes, I could have gone a little quicker, but I wanted to stay safe 85*F is still 85*F and I will stay conservative in that kind of heat.

So things are improving at the house, I am making more of an effort to get my runs in, versus my previous attitude and best of all actually having hot water for washing and showering…well let me tell you that is something you don’t realize how nice it is until you don’t have it.

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