Hot, Renogotiate, Finished – RunLog 7-20-1

Back home in Maine, it was hot and sticky – at least it felt that way. It was bad enough that I didn’t run with Bennie. Usually he will let me know if he wants to run or not by pulling on the leash and going “let’s get our arses in gear buddy” at the end of the driveway. Today, he just walked down the road and when I started to run he looked at me like I had three heads and pulled me towards the other side of the road to go pee.

Okay Bennie I get the message you are not going to run today.

So I didn’t push the issue and we did about a mile walk, which was pushing it for him today. When we got back to the house, I got ready to go out for a run and usually this sets him off barking and charging at me – to tell me he wants to go. Today, he sat on the couch looked at me as if to say – “Boy you sure are stupid” – about ¾ of the way through the run – I was in total agreement with his assessment of me going out for a run.

I did go out and the first mile was into the breeze and actually I felt pretty good, the mile walk had warmed the legs up and the legs were not barking at me about how bad things felt.

When I got down on Tiffany, the heat creeped up quickly and slapped me up side the head a few times and by the time I got back to the 2.0 mile point I was feeling pretty crappy. I had planned on doing 5 hill repeats on Stevens Hill, but by the time I got back there – it weren’t happinen.

I wimped out, but sometimes not doing a planned workout based on the weather is not a bad thing and I was feeling enough like crap to know that doing crappy hill repeats wasn’t going to be useful in any way, shape or form. It would be an exercise in futility. So I made a deal with myself, if I wasn’t doing the hill repeats I had to do at least 4.0 miles, the time/pace didn’t matter, but finishing the miles did.

Actually I did better than I thought that I would and even though it was still pretty slow, I didn’t feel like crap for the last mile, but I did sweat just bit.

Not a great run, but I finished the 4.0 miles that I renegotiated with myself, even though when I came off the circle I really, really wanted to stop.

Sometimes finishing is a victory in itself and yes sometimes Bennie is the smahter of the running partners.

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