2.5 With Bennie / 2.5 Without Bennie – RunLog 7-21-17

Well Bennie wanted to run this morning, it has been a few days since his last one. When we got to the end of the driveway he started grabbing the leash and pulling towards down-back. We did go a little quicker than usual for the first mile, I just wanted to see how it felt to move a little faster.


Bennie had his usual stops and then we got going again, so I did loose a bit of time to the stop/starts, but I was more interested in my form at that faster pace – it felt good. Then the heat began to build towards the end of the first mile, so I turned around at 1.0 mile. We went back up the hill and I dropped Bennie off at the house after a lap around HC – he wanted to catch up to one of his favorite neighbors who was out walking.

He didn’t really complain and when I went back out to run, Bennie half-heartedly barked at me and by the time I hit the end of the driveway, he had stopped barking. He usually keeps it up as I head up the road. So he wasn’t all that into running.

To be honest by the time I went back out, I wasn’t all that into the run either. I kind of half-heartedly got going again. I sure wasn’t all that fast and just ran hard enough to get through the finish of a 5.0 mile run.

As much as I might complain about the heat and how much slower I go in it, I still prefer the hot weather over the -10, snow and crap that we have during the winter. Running in the heat has its tough points and you just have to go through it and build some mental toughness.

Just another run that I had to put on my big boy pants to finish – not really worrying about the pace or time – just doing the miles.

Oh yeah, I did sign up for a race tomorrow and really don’t have any idea of how I am going to do. It will probably be my last race in this age group 50-59 and I sure am not in race shape. I am about 15 pounds over where I want to be, my running has been more base work than training and I don’t have the mental toughness for racing. However, I have to start back in the racing again at some point, so it seems like a good place to begin.

My goals are:

  1. Get to the starting line with a smile
  2. Finish without breaking anything
  3. Anything under 8:00 minute mile pace would be wonderful

We will see how things go.

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