Run, Walk, Roll 5K Race Reflection – 7-22-17

Can you believe it, I actually made it to a race this morning!!!



I have not been to a race since January and thankfully none of the old race anxiety issues raised their ugly head this morning. I went there for a couple of reasons, but primarily to:

  • Go and have fun – I know running your arse off in a race is not most people’s idea of fun – but I know that I am more than a little weird
  • Relax a little bit and do something besides work around the house or over in NH

With those two things in mind (after a good night’s sleep), I headed to Bangor run in the inaugural Run, Walk or Roll for the Ronald McDonald House. I felt good, although before race time there were 4 trips to the bathroom to sit and ponder the issues of world peace and other b.s.

For an inaugural race I like how they did things, but like anything there were a few hiccups – there always are and I am sure those will get ironed out for next time.

So what were my goals for today’s race:

  1. Get to the starting line with a smile
  2. Finish without breaking anything
  3. Anything under 8:00 minute mile pace would be wonderful

That is what I sail last night before the race. Continue reading “Run, Walk, Roll 5K Race Reflection – 7-22-17”