Week In Review – 7-23-17

Another week in the books and yes, it finally feels like I am doing something more than being on vacation – a helluva lot of work is getting done versus being on vacation.


Went over to NH again and worked around the house and camp again, but the trips to the transfer station, should slow down quite a bit. However, now comes the fun part, lining up the contractors to fix things that need to be fixed (now that we can move around in the house) and working through the other stuff that still needs to be done. No where close to being done, but now it is process related versus everything else.

We are getting things done around our own house too and are starting to get rid of old junk that we have just lying around, we learned a lot about the importance of being minimalistic when it comes to possessions. We will have our own yard sale to get rid of what we can, then take the rest to Good Will. They can deal with the rest of it.

Running-wise, I actually ran in a race (read about it here) and while I did about what I expected to do based on what my conditioning actually is, it gives me a baseline and room for improvement as I get ready to move to that next age group in a few weeks. It is a bit sad to know that it was probably my last race as a 50-something, but as they say “time marches on”.

My week looked like this: Continue reading “Week In Review – 7-23-17”

A Typical Day – In Retirement

I have a little experience with this retirement thing or not being a part of the regular workforce to any degree, so when I left University College at the end of June, it was more like getting back to a schedule that I have previously worked hard to perfect.

To be honest it didn’t take me long to get back into the routine…you know the one that I had before I went back to work in 2015.

Elliott loves retired life and Bennie tolerates him on the bed with him

Here is a snapshot of a day in retired life:

Even though I put a particular time just to have some structure here, the time I/we actually get around to getting going can vary – dependent upon how I/we are feeling that day.

The clock is a guide (sort of), not the final arbiter of when things will be or get done. Continue reading “A Typical Day – In Retirement”