Week In Review – 7-23-17

Another week in the books and yes, it finally feels like I am doing something more than being on vacation – a helluva lot of work is getting done versus being on vacation.


Went over to NH again and worked around the house and camp again, but the trips to the transfer station, should slow down quite a bit. However, now comes the fun part, lining up the contractors to fix things that need to be fixed (now that we can move around in the house) and working through the other stuff that still needs to be done. No where close to being done, but now it is process related versus everything else.

We are getting things done around our own house too and are starting to get rid of old junk that we have just lying around, we learned a lot about the importance of being minimalistic when it comes to possessions. We will have our own yard sale to get rid of what we can, then take the rest to Good Will. They can deal with the rest of it.

Running-wise, I actually ran in a race (read about it here) and while I did about what I expected to do based on what my conditioning actually is, it gives me a baseline and room for improvement as I get ready to move to that next age group in a few weeks. It is a bit sad to know that it was probably my last race as a 50-something, but as they say “time marches on”.

My week looked like this:

Weeks Summary 2017-07-23 19.28.40.png

I am working hard to not increase my mileage too quickly and trying to only do around a 10% increase per week,which is where the 34.5 miles for last week lands me and will try to hold steady at 40-45 miles a week for a while once I get up there. I do need to start doing some speedwork and need to forget about that surprise race in October.

With everything that has happened this summer and how I feel once I get to 6 or 7 miles, those plans have gone out the window. Yeah, it was the Maine Marathon and no, it is not going to happen this year. It might have been another pipe dream, but someday I will run another marathon, but it probably won’t be one I train for, it will be one that I just do, based on the training that I have under my belt that day.

So that means that I will focus on 5K and under distances, which means a bit more speed work, strength training and maybe once we get things settled some Yoga again. I would like to get under 22:00 for a 5K at some point this fall and really believe that it is within my capabilities, but now to do it.

Overall Summary 2017-07-23 19.33.13.png

Running Shoes

I am really, really liking the Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s, they do everything that I want from a running shoe. The biggest thing that I like about them is that they are comfortable to run in and most of all I want to run in them.

I did run in the Hoka Infinite’s and quickly remembered why they were not the answer. The right toe box is a bit too snug and I have a feeling that a steady diet of running in them would incur the wrath of my left PF issues. They are for me an occasional shoe that is nice to have in the truck for those times when I have an unexpected opportunity to get in a run. In other words I can run in them, but I have other shoes that work better for me.

Although if I am going to focus more on the 5K and under distances, I am going to have to get the Adidas Adios 3’s out more often and get the legs turning over a little quicker. Not a bad thing, but I also have to keep myself grounded in reality and not making believe I am still in my 20’s.

After all 60 is right around the corner and while it is just a number, it also is a number that needs to be respected. I will run faster, but at the same time I gotta be realistic and not attempt to run too fast too much.

Overall, a pretty good week and now to keep moving forward towards what I can do.

One thought on “Week In Review – 7-23-17

  1. A good week and nice race. The sub-22 is doable, especially once the temps go down a bit. Like the shoe commentary. Used to love Mizuno, but then had a few problem shoes. May look into the 20s.
    Retirement looks like it’s suiting you. 🙂

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