Character Building Kind of Day – RunLog 7-28-17

A nice morning for a run, a bit humid, but not that bad. Mary offered to take Bennie this morning, so I went a little longer than I had planned. Trying to get the old bod slowly used to running a little further than I have been.

It was nice not having Bennie attached and having to stop, start, stop, start, repeat multiple times, which make the run more interesting at times, but at the same time I do enjoy being able to just run a consistent effort too.

Today the first 5.0 miles were very consistently paced and then my left leg started to bother a little, nothing serious, but just enough to let me know it was there. However, it did cause me to slow down a bit (that and the humidity), which is okay because the effort was still pretty constant.

Strangely enough when I had to move over to the other side of the road, the left leg seemed to ease back a little on the amount of discomfort I was having. It is almost as though the crown of the road has something to do with the discomfort in my left Achilles/Ankle. However, by then I was on the dirt road part of the and I was pretty well shot after mile 6.0.

That last mile sucked.

That is the best way to describe that last mile. The sweat was coming off my hat like rain, I didn’t have any umph to run hard up Stevens Hill and by the time I finished, it was time to be finished.

5.0 miles of quality mileage, then 1.0 mile of okay running and then a mile of suck it up buttercup and finish. Pretty much the story of me and running in the summer, when I start to kick up the mileage.

Better runs are ahead, but late July and early August are often more about survival running, hardening up mentally (character building) and establishing a good base to get ready for fall.

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