Minor Updates to My Blog

There have been a a few changes on the blog as I get ready for that 60th birthday thing (next week). Yeah, reaching that next decade makes you think about how you want to present yourself on your blog.


I have decided to change the name from “My Blog” to one of my old blogs “Aging Runnah”. It is what I am – an aging runner from Maine. It fits what I write most about – running and getting older.

Also the header photo is of a sunrise down on the Maine coast taken my daughter Katherine, while they were up visiting during June. I just like the photo and fits the direction that I am heading in my life.

Nothing major, earth shattering or anything else, but fits where I seem to be going with both my running and my blogging. I will still have a random thought or more about other things, but since I am writing primarily about running, I might as well go back to a blog title that reflects what I am doing.

2 Runs and New Garmin – RunLog 7-29-17

This morning’s run with Bennie was one of those, where interruptions seemed like they were going to be the flavor of the day. As soon as we got to the neighbor’s house, he stopped us and asked if he could come by later to have me look at his laptop (he did and I did a couple of things for him on it – no biggie), but we had just gotten going on the run.

Oh well, part of the deal of being neighborly.


Then when we got to the last neighbor’s they were training a couple of yearling Oxen to pull, so I thought I was going to have stop again. Luckily they finally got the command and stopped before they got out to the road.

We ran on past – phew, but Bennie being Bennie, he wanted to go back and talk to those fine Oxen about their manners – we didn’t. Which caused a little consternation on his part and he needed to be reminded (i.e. pulled along for a ways) that we were out for a run.

Finally, towards the bottom of the hill, one of the neighbors was out on her pony. This has gotten a little worrisome before, but I am tired of picking Bennie up every time she rides her horse by us and getting a dirty glare like it is my fault for being out there and interrupting her ride. So we just ran on by, I put Bennie on the other side and he did great, although when I said “Hi”, I simply got “stink eye”.

Oh well her problem not mine.

On we ran.

Of course going down Blake Hill, a truck came along and we picked up the pace for a little while. Probably a lot too fast, but I think we both were feeling pretty good at that point. So I aired it out a little more than usual, while trying to avoid some of the larger stones to not abuse da feet or twist something going down the hill. Besides face planting with a truck going by at 25 mph an a dog going full-tilt, usually is not a good thing.

Probably shouldn’t have gone quite that fast, that one winded me pretty good and it took a while to recover from it. Then coming back down Blake another truck went by and Bennie went into chase mode. We did cruise right along, not quite as fast as the first one, but still according to the Garmin pretty quick for an old fart.

Again I paid for it, but we kept plugging along and met Mary up past the bog. I wanted to finish our run and then run back to run up the hill with her, if I had anything left.

Unfortunately, we slowed down quite a bit and didn’t pick it up at all until the truck went by again and we went up Stevens Hill pretty good, nothing earth shattering, but at least the legs still were able to pick it up a bit. After that we struggled home and when we turned to go meet up with Mary she was already rounding the corner. So she had a pretty good run herself.

Run #2

Yeah, I ran a second time today!

The only reason was because Bennie was being a butt head and wouldn’t go for his walk. So I left him barking at me from the window and did a quick Bartlett O/B & HC. Another reason that I wanted to go for a run was that I got my refurbished Garmin 230 and wanted to see how it did on run.


Nice and blurry photo

Only thing is that I didn’t charge it up to Garmin Connect and when I started running it hadn’t found the satellites yet. It took almost 2.0 miles to get GPS, so I was running on the accelerometer and since I haven’t run with the watch before that was off by quite a bit. So the splits and times were wonky until it got signal and from there on it seemed to be pretty rock solid.

User error – again.

It was my usual 3.3 mile course that I have run way too many times, so I am pretty confident of what the mileage should be and what kind of pace I was actually running. The watch itself is comfortable and not having a H/R monitor built-in was the strong selling point for me. Plus it seems to connect better with my phone than my previous model. It was easy to set up and the readability while running was just fine.

However, I am not going off the deep end on all the data points it can give me, although I might add a cadence field and total daily steps field to the spreadsheet, just to have that data there if I want it.

Overall, a nice second run and a good day for running.