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Minor Updates to My Blog

There have been a a few changes on the blog as I get ready for that 60th birthday thing (next week). Yeah, reaching that next decade makes you think about how you want to present yourself on your blog.

I have decided to change the name from “My Blog” to one of my old blogs “Aging Runnah”. It is what I am – an aging runner from Maine. It fits what I write most about – running and getting older.

Also the header photo is of a sunrise down on the Maine coast taken my daughter Katherine, while they were up visiting during June. I just like the photo and fits the direction that I am heading in my life.

Nothing major, earth shattering or anything else, but fits where I seem to be going with both my running and my blogging. I will still have a random thought or more about other things, but since I am writing primarily about running, I might as well go back to a blog title that reflects what I am doing.

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