The Second Run – Not So Good — RunLog 7-31-17

Mary offered to walk Bennie this morning, so I decided to go ahead and do a little higher quality run. The first half mile was to wake-up the body a little and then I picked it up to my last race day effort level and headed down the road.

I wasn’t sure how long the it would last, but I kept moving right along and felt pretty good. I kept going pretty good for to almost 3.0 miles and then going up the first bump, I lost focus. I gotta attack hills, instead of backing off every time I got up one.

After that I just coasted home, so a very good 2.0 mile tempo run and 2.0 miles of slower work. Although I did manage to end up with an overall 8:30 pace, it didn’t feel like I was working that hard until I hit that bump and then gave up a little too much.

Gotta work on that part – a lot more.

Run #2

When I finished Mary was out running, she let me know that Bennie hadn’t wanted to walk, once he heard shooting at the gun range and she had decided to go for a run. So I went into the house and Bennie came over and waited to get harnessed up.

Now I had walked to cool down and had mentally put running again off until tomorrow. However, Bennie got to the end of the driveway and started pulling on the leash to run. So I reluctantly started running down the road with him. I wasn’t into it – at all, but I knew that he was wanting to, so I gave it a good effort.

Now we did pretty good – considering where my head and body was at. However, once he started his stopping and starting, the starting back up each time was harder and harder. We did walk back up Stevens Hill, my head and body were just tired and then we finished the run.

I think we were both ready to stop.

He is not a hot weather dog and having done a faster than usual workout had taken a bit out of me. 2.0 miles was more than enough for both of us.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made?

Most of the time I attempt to stay apolitical with my online/social media stuff.

Honestly, it just is not worth the headaches, abuse or horseshit you gotta put up with from trolls or even people who are really pretty decent people for the most part, but who only see their side of an issue and don’t have a lot of regard for anyone who thinks differently than they might.

I have gone through some of my old blog post as I attempt to consolidate my blogs to one place and this one (along with a few others piqued my interest) and I decided to repost the video from days gone by.

Think what you will about Charlie Chaplin and take away whatever you want from the speech in the video, but listen carefully to the words that were spoken.

This is not a Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, or any of the other things that seemingly divide us in today’s world. I am not saying which is what I believe or what I don’t believe – all I will say is that the words in this speech every time I hear it, makes me stop and think.

Which I believe is a good thing for us all to do.

It is simply something to think about – if you dare to think without your prejudices (we all have them) kicking in and giving the typical knee-jerk reaction that seems all too common nowadays.

Take the 3 minutes to watch the video and then wait 10 minutes or so before saying or writing anything about what you heard. It is that damned old history teacher in me coming out to play one more time.