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Month: August 2017

Looking Back – RunLog 8-20-17

A good week of running. Well mostly…I ran over 30 miles so that part was good, but I had to figure what shoes to do it in when my Brooks […]

Modifying My Brooks Ghost 10

Well back in the day we used to be amateur cobblers out of necessity, if we wanted the shoes that were available to actually work for us, we had to […]

Week in Review – 8-13-17

Last week was another busy week, what else is new – right. I thought things were supposed to move at a slower pace once you retire. With us it seems […]

Where Am I Now – as a Runnah

This is the first part of a two-part blog post that I have been working on as I careen toward my 60th birthday. In this one I will focus on […]