Running to Vermont

Sometimes you get busy and you just have to stop and do a run. So I stopped working on the house in NH and…

This morning I ran to Vermont.


Going into Vermont


Now, if I was running to Vermont from my house in Maine – that would be a HUGE deal, but running to Vermont from the house in Lancaster, NH. was only about 2.5 miles – pretty much all downhill.


Old Bridge going over the Connecticut River from Vermont into New Hampshire

Actually it is a run that I have wanted to do since Phil moved over to Lancaster, but just never got around to doing it.

Well today I did it.

The running part was pretty easy.


Rt 2 going back towards Lancaster, NH

The temps were in the low 70’s with a little a breeze, the humidity wasn’t too bad, but I purposely just stayed at a nice comfortable pace and effort. I never really picked it up and had one of the those reverse progression runs where the splits were slower every mile.

Coming back up that damn hill is a pain in my arse. One of these days I am going to have to do hill repeats on it, like I saw a runner doing last night, just before dark. He looked pretty used up by the 4th one and I didn’t see him do another after that. Maybe I need to search out the hills and start attacking them a lot harder versus just going up them in survival mode.

Otherwise I was completely happy with the run.