Wildwood O/B Survival Run – RunLog 8-3-17

At 72*F & 83% humidity, it was way too high to run with Bennie this morning, so we did a 2.0 mile walk and even just walking by the time we got home he was panting pretty hard. So it was the correct choice to keep him safe.

However, the owner is not quite as smart. After walking Bennie I decided it was a great time for me to get my run in. However, instead of attempting to do anything fast or hard, today was just about staying within my comfort zone and not being stoopid. To make sure that I stayed mostly smart, I wore my WR20’s and left the AB3’s at home.

Going out I had thought about doing 6.0 easy today, but during the first mile I was still feeling pretty stiff from yesterday’s long ride home from New Hampshire. We went through Franconia Notch, which every time I drive through there is simply awe inspiring. At some point we want to go and wander around over there. We also decided with all the crap that has happened that we want to spend a night at the Mt. Washington Hotel sometime in September, just to unwind and seen how the 1% live 🙂

Get back to the run Harold.

When I got to Wildwood, (my 4.0 course turnaround), I decided that it would be better to turn-around there and if I felt good enough, do another mile up on top. I was starting to get pretty sweaty and the humidity was getting a bit much.

The first 3.0 miles were very consistent at just over a 9:00 minute pace, which did surprise me, because I felt comfortable at that pace. Then going through mile 3-4 I didn’t attempt to push going up the hill, but maintained a pretty steady effort.

When I got back to the house, I felt good enough despite sweating like a stuck pig and the hat raining sweat to do one more mile. The breeze was in my face and I stayed in the shade going up the road. I won’t say I felt great, but I did a lot better than I expected. A sub 9:00 minute pace for the last mile of 5.0 miles in this kind of heat/humidity was good.

A nice survival run.

After I got done running I did get out the NB Vazee Rush out of the back of the garage again, to see if I could walk in them without them bothering me. Didn’t work, by the end of the day my Sciatica was bothering (a lot), so they are headed for the yard sale this weekend. Too bad, because I really do like how they fit my feet, but the rest of the chain seems to revolt a little too much to keep them around.

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