And So – The Next Chapter Begins – Runlog 8-7-17

My first run in my new age group (not a race – just a training run).

I took yesterday off, too much going on and I still hit over 20,000 steps for the day even though I didn’t walk outside of the yard more than 100 yards (setting up and taking down a yard sale when you have a long driveway is a pain), so it wasn’t like I sat on my arse all day either, there just wasn’t time for a run :(.

Oh well, I got it in this morning.

Mary offered to take Beastlet alias Bennie on a walk and I went around Middle Road.

Who are you calling a Beastlet – I am a loving and adorable young fella 🙂

Wow was the old body stiff and sore from yesterday’s weight lifting, moving stuff and wearing sandals all day. The left Achilles and right ACL were not impressed when I started running – at all – and they let me know all about it for the first couple of miles. They finally they decided to shut up and run after that. Looking at the graphs and stuff, my first half mile was the slowest part of the run – usually the other way around.

Yep it is construction season in Sidney too, from the top of the hill on the Middle Road to just past the school was one lane (which made it a little easier for running) and then the first part of Blake was getting worked on – it seemed like they were getting ready to widen it – yech. Not good because when “they” start to widen roads a few years later tar gets laid on top of it. Civilization seems to be coming to my little part of Sidney whether I want it to or not.

I knew I was moving along a pretty close to 8:50 pace without pushing – the right amount of effort for an easy run. Then right after 4.0 miles I caught up with Mary and Bennie. At that point there was only a mile left and I took Bennie so Mary could walk in peace with the Horseflies ;-).

He was more than ready to get going and we moved right along and just barely went over 9:00 minute mile for that tough last mile (Blake Hill and then Stevens), so I was very pleased with the run.

It did help that it was lower temps 64*F and lower humidity 68%, so I didn’t feel like I was overheating all the time. The temps do make a huge difference with perceived effort.

Once we finished, I decided to “jog” back to meet up with Mary to walk back with her. One we got back to the dirt road “we” decided to do a stride and picked up the pace a bit. Nothing too serious but for about a tenth or so of a mile we did manage to move right along.

While the run was really nothing more than a pretty comfortable run, it was the fastest I run this course this year. Oh yeah, the legs stopped complaining after a couple of miles and feel fine now, so I have a feeling it was more grumpiness about me wearing zero drop sandals all day yesterday. I will learn – someday, well maybe…just gotta remember that the legs ain’t used to the zero drop and not to wear them all day and expect everything to be hunky-dory.

I had thought about going over to the track at Colby while I was delivering another load to Goodwill this afternoon, but by the time I got done there I just didn’t have the getty up and go to do it. So I went home and mowed some of the back forty that needed its first haircut of the season. It is the fire break section that we try to maintain around the outer part of the lawn. When I get out the oldest lawn mower, raise it up a few notches and bang the blade off stumps and rocks in between mowing ferns, small trees and other miscellaneous growing things.

It is a great workout, I get all sweaty and after an hour and half I had to cut it a little short because the push off with the left leg (my dominant leg) was getting the Achilles a little grumpy. The rest will still be there later in the week, so I hope to get it finished this week, but if I don’t it will get done next week :-). No time pressure, just have to get it done.

A pretty good day, I need just under 200 steps to get 20,000 according to the Garmin.

In today’s world of Dollar stores and discount pricing, having yard sales really ain’t worth the work they entail. We left a lot of our old furniture (that we had stored in the garage) on the side of the road with Free on it and all but one disappeared. I noticed about 5 other houses on the way to Waterville that did the same thing, so we were not the only ones who’s yards sale was a total bust.