A Little More Running – RunLog 8-10-17

Yes, I have been running since I turned 60, but life has just been too busy to write in the blog.

Let’s see:

Tuesday – I did the 5.0 mile loop over in Lancaster – 4.0 miles were pretty good and then the last mile was a bit slower. It seems that hills and faster paces after the 4.0 mile point are part of the problem, they bother that left ankle/Achilles area a little too much to maintain the pace.

Wednesday – After driving home from NH, I needed to get out and move after being in the truck for 3 or so hours. Which for me means a run. I ran down to Bartlett and was tempted to keep going to do a little longer, but it was still almost 80*F and I was tired from not sleeping all that well the night before. So I just did an easy 3.3 miles

It seems that I am doing a lot of regression runs, instead of progression runs – I start out faster than finish, which is not really what I want, but that seems to be how I run in the summer.


Today’s run was going to be my long run for the week and I had planned on doing 7-8 miles. I was looking to work on running easy and consistent.

I ran out to Goodhue Road and back and was feeling really good through 5.0 miles then my left leg started to bother a little and by the time I got to 6.0 miles I had decided to cut the run shorter. It wasn’t real bad, but it was getting uncomfortable, so I stopped at 10K and called it good. Which also meant that I walked up Stevens Hill. 🙂

Yes, I could have finished the 8.0, but at this point I am trying to get things feeling better and pushing it a little extra doesn’t really serve any purpose on a training run. It is getting better and the prehab and rehab after running does seem to be helping, so just got to take things slow and steady.

In other words I am in this for the long haul. 🙂

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