Brooks Ghost 10 – First Run – RunLog 8-12-17

Have you ever had a running shoe style, that always seemed to be in the running for purchasing, but always ended up being the second choice, that shoe I almost bought which meant that it didn’t quite meet what you wanted compared to the other shoes that you tried on or researched and purchased online.

They were either too heavy, too narrow in the toe box, too much drop or whatever it was that I was looking for in a shoe at that time…

It just seemed like something was always missing.

For me that running shoe has been the Brooks Ghost line, since about the Ghost 5.


I have always liked the feel underfoot and the multi-purpose tread that they have. I have almost purchased them several times in my quest for the “right” for me running shoes.

Unfortunately, I never did until now.

As of today I have a pair Brooks Ghost 10’s that I can plod along in and see how they do for this old body.

Harold will you get real, you have been running really well in the Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s and here you are attempting to screw up the works?

Well I have been running decently in the WR20’s, however (isn’t there always a however with me), my left foot, especially the posterior tibial tendon area has been bothering me a LOT during runs longer than 3-4 miles.

I have been whining about it all too often lately, so it is not something that is new, but it has really reared its ugly head a lot more since I have gone to running primarily in the WR20’s. This is the same problem I had with the original Saucony Jazz and a couple of other running shoe models, that went away when I changed to a different brand of running shoe.

Since Bennie owed me a pair of birthday running shoes and I had an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocked, I decided to go with a pair that I have come close to buying several times and hoped that the EE-width would be more along the lines of Mizuno/New Balance and not so much Nike or Saucony EE versions.

The Brooks Ghost is no longer a second choice and they were waiting on the front door step when we returned from New Hampshire this morning.

How did they do?

Just fine, they seem wide enough and felt comfortable while walking and running in them, but the biggest difference was the smoothness/quietness of the landing. For me Mizuno’s have always been noisy, with the Ghost 10’s the transition seemed more fluid and the shoes were considerably less noisy (no slapping).

The Ghost 10’s check off all the boxes for what I want from a pair of running shoes before running in them and finding out for sure if they work for me or not.

I will take them out for a longer run in the near future (after I give the left ankle a couple of days to recuperate), to see if it is a me issue with the left ankle or a wrong shoe style issue for the way that I run. Time will tell, but it would be nice if I could get past this left ankle issue – again, simply by changing shoes :).

Oh yeah, when I went to the Lancaster Transfer Station this morning, the supervisor told me that I without a doubt would have the largest load of the day! He chuckled and said I must have cleaned out every corner of the house. I told him I had double and triple checked the house and hoped that I got all the hazmat out of it.

On the Brooks Ghost 10’s I am taking a wait and see attitude about what kind of shoe they will be for me. I know that I can run well in the WR20’s up to a certain mileage, but I would really like to add a few more pain-free miles to that limit, if I can.

Hopefully, the Brooks Ghost 10’s are part of that solution.

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