Lancaster – Downhill Strides – RunLog 8-11-17

Yesterday was a long day!

It started off with Jeremiah (Phil’s cat), not doing well and us having to make an appointment with the Vet to see what was going on – he has been fragile and we wondered how long he would have. Unfortunately, his condition had deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t go on and we had him put to sleep. It was a hard decision, he was just beginning to become a part of our family, but he had a pre-existing condition that none of us knew about, that could not be corrected and would not have made it through the rest of the day.

It was hard, but the correct decision for the circumstances.

Elliot is the tuxedo cat and Jeremiah was the black cat.

After we buried him, we had to go to New Hampshire, which gave us time to talk through what had happened with Jeremiah that morning. A lot more tears were shed and we grieved for the little guy. However, we gave him a good month plus, where he was definitely loved, gained a friend and pampered.

Once we got to Lancaster, we had to get ready for their hazardous materials free turn-in day.

Life goes on.

Once a year the Lancaster Transfer Station does this and the supervisor told me about it back in June. This was a day that I had been dreading, because I knew that the garage had a lot of stuff that would need to go away and by the time I finished loading, I had a full bed of stuff to go to the transfer station.


By the time I got done loading all the nasty stuff and with loosing Jeremiah earlier in the day, I had to burn off some tension. So while Mary was doing Bennie’s last walk I did a run. I didn’t feel like heading into town and then having to run back up the hill, so I decided to do laps around Hartco.

Looking up the Hill from Hartco back towards the house – about where that car is.

The first lap was fairly consistent, I went a little faster up the backside of the hill on Hartco than I usually do. When I hit the downhill on Rt. 2, I did pick up the pace quite a bit, the second lap was more of the same, but I did slow down going up the hill and picked it up going downhill.

Yeah, going downhill helps with the going a bit faster.

On the third lap, I slowed down quite a bit going up the hill on Hartco, when I finished the third lap it was only 2.66 miles, so I kept running down the hill until the 3.0 mile mark (Coos Canoe). I really picked up the pace to my “in shape” pace and held it most of the way down the hill.

Then I walked back up the hill to the house. I just didn’t feel like running back up the damn thing.

Overall, a good run, I got in three stretches of faster running and yes, I felt a bit better after it was done.

I was still sad about loosing Jeremiah, but at the same time I know that we made the last month of his life the best it could have been. Rest in peace my little friend.

2 thoughts on “Lancaster – Downhill Strides – RunLog 8-11-17

  1. Last December we lost our cat of about 12 years. Not easy. It took 6 months before I stopped expecting to see her.
    Good thing we have running to help with life’s ups and downs.

    1. Yeah, critters become a part of the family really quickly and we will miss Jeremiah a lot too. I have a feeling that like you, we will look around expecting to see him sitting in his favorite chair or wonder where he is when we get our coffee (he always stopped by to get some half and half. 🙂

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