A Little Blister Action – RunBlog 8-13-17

Well there.

A pair of new shoes that gave me a small pain in the butt blister on my right Achilles. That hasn’t happened in quite a while.

It was always one of the things that worried me about the Ghost’s or other Brooks models, before I bought the Ghost’s was the way the heel notch is constructed. I have noticed that many Brooks styles (including the Ghost series) have a more rounded heel design, compared to say my Mizuno’s or AB3’s which have a Achilles notch/flat type of style.


Over the years, I have learned that the notched design seems to work better with my foot.


Typically I tend to stay away from the rounded heel counters and when I don’t, I usually have to go through the initial get a blister routine with them, after I start using that style of heel counter.

This is one of those annoying things that I put up with…Wimpy ass feet – is my problem or a least so it seems. Unfortunately, my weirdly shaped right foot is pretty sensitive to minor things that wouldn’t bother most other runners, which to be honest is a pain in the arse for me.

Oh well, getting a blister from a pair of running shoes isn’t all that uncommon or the end of the world as we know it. This is something that used to happen quite a bit back in the day.

However, I have gotten spoiled and the Ghost 10’s are the first shoes in a while that have developed a blister in this area. I will move on from it and otherwise the Ghost 10’s are doing well.

Now to get by the blistering issues and they should be a pretty decent running shoe.

How did I get the blister?

Running with Bennie of course.

It was 83% humidity when we ran this morning, which means that for about 2.0 miles Bennie does pretty good and then the last mile is tough. Which also means a planned 4.0 miler turns into a tough 3.0 miler.

Bennie did the usual stopping, starting and chase the vehicles intervals which make things a little more interesting on the run and give him some extra time to slow down the panting. When the humidity is high like this, I tend to let him dictate the run and although he was willing to keep going, the way he was panting and the tongue hanging out, meant it was time to stop when we did.

Not really a good run, but nothing too terrible either, just got miles in with a couple of decent surges thrown in for good measure.