Week in Review – 8-13-17

Last week was another busy week, what else is new – right.

I thought things were supposed to move at a slower pace once you retire. With us it seems like everything is moving at light speed as we attempt to keep moving forward.

We said a sad farewell to Jeremiah (Phil’s cat that we adopted), he had a pre-existing condition that no one knew about until last week. Although his time with us was short, I really believe that he learned to love our home, which also became his.

We drove over to New Hampshire twice to work on the house in Lancaster. We are finally getting to the point where things are more about getting contractors lined up to fix things that we can’t, take the last things to the transfer station and so on. Now it is more about getting through the probate process and moving on.

One thing about the traveling to New Hampshire so much, is spending all that time together in the truck or car has given us the chance to grow even closer than we were back before all this happened.

Plus we discovered the Little Red Hen Bakery in Bethel…a very dangerous place to stop and it has become a regular stop when we go through Bethel. The cinnamon rolls, raspberry/white chocolate chip scones and whoopie pies are too damn good to resist.



I didn’t quite make my goal of 30 miles for the week, finishing at 29.2, but was “fairly” close, so I can’t complain too much.

Weekly Summary 2017-08-13 20-14-13

I was still having problems with my left ankle area once I got over 3-4 miles on a run, which limited my ability to get the distances I really wanted. That is, unless I start to consistently do shorter, but more double runs. Something that I am attempting to avoid if I can.

However, I will do what I need to do to keep running.

Bennie has been doing more walking than running this summer. He is 8-9 years old now and is sssshhhhh starting to slow down a little. He does not do as well on the high heat or humidity days, so I have started to let him decide whether we run or walk to start on his longer walk/run. If he takes the leash in his mouth and pulls on it we run, if he just starts down the road we walk. It seems to be working pretty good and he knows what he wants to do that day.

Bennie Bean

After we get going if we are running I keep a close watch on how he’s doing after the first mile. If he is struggling we take more breaks and if he starts to walk versus taking off to run again – we walk.

Although Coach Bennie is working on faster intervals when he does deign to run with the slow old fart :-).

I am pretty happy with the progress that I am making with running consistently and now that I am in my new age group I suppose that I have start looking around for a 5K or 10K race or two to see where I am with my conditioning. Although I haven’t been able to do a lot of sustained speedwork due to the left ankle/Achilles issues I have been battling for a while.

Screenshot at 2017-08-14 20-12-36.png

Running Shoes

I like my Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s a lot, they fit well and I can use them for any work well for any workout that I do.



However, since I started running in them I have had more problems with my left ankle area – which I have had in the past and were a result of shoes that were not quite right for me. So I decided to get a different brand to see if the ankle pain persisted or if it was just me getting to be an old fart.


When I got in the Brooks Ghost 10’s, (from Bennie for my birthday), they felt comfortable, but during the second run, I got a small blister on my right Achilles tendon, which I attribute to the rounded design of the Brook’s heel versus the notched Achilles heel that I prefer. It is a small pain-in-the-arse thing and nothing serious.

When I ran 4.0 today with Bennie, I didn’t notice that left ankle discomfort, so I am hopeful they are part of the solution, but I am going to take it slowly to give that a little more time to get over how it felt before. But I am hopeful.

One thing I did notice is that the Ghost 10’s in size 8.0 are longer than my Mizuno’s or Adidas. Not that it really makes a difference, but it is something that I noticed.


Overall, it was a decent – not great week of running, but once I get this blister area on my right Achilles healed up, I have a feeling that the Ghost 10’s will be fine and the WR20’s will be for shorter runs and all the walking I do.

I would love to be able to run a few longer runs, but that left ankle discomfort was limiting how far I could comfortably run…now we will see.

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