Modifying My Brooks Ghost 10

Well back in the day we used to be amateur cobblers out of necessity, if we wanted the shoes that were available to actually work for us, we had to make them work.

When my new Brooks Ghost 10’s decided they wanted to abuse my right Achilles by blistering it enough that I couldn’t wear them or any other shoes (except my Hoka Infinite’s) without a good deal of discomfort.

Which sucked!

It meant going old school and modifying the right shoe, so it wouldn’t cause anymore blisters – if I could.


Blisters they aren’t that big a deal are they?

Not really.

They are more of a pain in the arse, but it is something that I haven’t had happen all that often over the past several years. So it isn’t something that I have worried about all that much.

Until now.

I don’t blame the Brooks Ghost 10’s for blistering my foot…I blame myself for buying a style of running shoe that has a rounded heel counter. Especially, when I know that I have had issues in the past with that kind of heel counter and almost always avoid them when I can and I could have.


Let’s get a couple of things straight, I like the way I run in the Brooks Ghost 10’s, but when they created a blister on my right Achilles, it hurt to to run in them and once I ran in them outside, according to the return instructions from where I purchased them – I can’t return them, (one of those old catch-22’s you don’t know how well a shoe will perform for you until you actually run it a few times).

However, it gives me the freedom to make the Ghost 10’s my own.


In other words I can go back to my amateur cobbler roots and make the Ghost 10’s into running shoes that will work for me.

So I began by cutting open the heel of the right shoe and started taking the foam out. It took a bit to cut out the foam and form the heel counter to be more comfortable for me and my tender feel.


Below is the first cull.


I wandered around the house with the Ghost’s on and pretty quickly knew that I had to take more material out of the heel.

Round 2


After removing the extra material the second time, it did fit a LOT better. Although I will have to wait a couple more days for the blistered Achilles to finish healing up. I attempted to make more of a heel notch than a rounded heel. If they feel comfortable I will sew up the back, so it won’t come apart.

Unfortunately, whether these Ghost 10’s work great or blow-up on me it won’t matter. I am not going to be buying another pair of these shoes due to the heel design and I am not going to play amateur cobbler every time I get a pair of new shoes – I shouldn’t have to. Once in a while – it ain’t a bad thing, but not on a regular basis.

Oh well, that is the way it works sometimes.

Hopefully, this does work and I can run in them for a couple of months, so I can delay having to buy, yet another pair of running shoes. Mary will be happier with me and sometimes that is a big deal.

If it doesn’t work, I have a feeling that there might be a road trip to Bangor and Triathlon Sports and maybe go through an entire fitting process to get a pair of Hoka’s. I think I need to actually try on the next pair to ensure the fit and forego ordering online for a while.

That One Really Sucked – RunLog 8-17-17

The day after getting back from the weekly the New Hampshire trip is usually a crappy run day. I am tired, crabby, cranky and just kind of not really wanting to do a helluva lot. Well…let me tell you today was even worse than usual. I felt like crap, didn’t want to run and tried to procrastinate doing anything all day long.

So what did I do?

I did my pre-hab stuff, I hadn’t done it in a while, so I figured that I would at least get that stuff done this morning and then see how I felt about running.

Mary offered to take Bennie for his walk after she got done running. She could see that I wasn’t into running with him this morning and unlike me I quickly agreed. It gave me a little more time to not run. I did meditate for about 10 minutes and read some more of the book I was reading, but I really wasn’t into the run. Mary got back and took Bennie for his walk, so I was either going to bag the run or finally get off my arse and get going.

I wanted to do a course where I would have no choice but to keep going, so I decided to the Middle Road Loop – a 5.0 mile course that is a loop. Yeah, I started out pretty slow and cursed myself for quite a ways about how dumb, stoopid and all those other things that we think about when we want to do anything else but run and we are out there running any way.

The first mile was faster because it was down hill, not because I was feeling decent and then I slowed down on each mile after that. Especially once I got on the dirt road part of Blake Road. Down there I just go a little slower.

I made it up Blake Hill slow and steady and then when I got back on the flats I saw Mary and Bennie walking. I didn’t speed up and kept plugging along. Going up Stevens Hill was a real struggle and when I caught up to them, I stopped and picked him up for the last little bit.

All I know is that for that last 2.0 miles of the run I felt like shit. That is the best I can say. I finished and give myself an A for finishing, but it was a crappy run where I struggled to keep going, but didn’t stop except to pickup Bennie, so that was a plus.

I ran in the Hoka Infinite’s and while I can run in them, they squeeze the little toe on the right foot into the 4th toe and it gets uncomfortable after a while. If I put some Vaseline between the toes, it does help, but not enough for it to get better than noticeable. I try to ignore the feeling as much as I can, but it is still one of those distractions.

It is a good thing that I still have the Infinite’s though, because the Ghost 10’s blistered the hell out of my right Achilles and I can’t wear any other shoes but the Infinite’s for right now – for walking and running. It is a good thing that I didn’t get rid of them last weekend when I thought about it.

Though I am disappointed with the blistering from the Ghost’s, it is requiring me to run in the Hoka’s and I remember why I like them so much. If only the toe box a just a bit wider. I have a feeling that the next shoes I go back to after the Brooks Ghosts will be some sort of Hoka EE model.

The run sucked, but I finished and tomorrow will be a better day. At least the humidity and heat levels are getting a little more reasonable.