Looking Back – RunLog 8-20-17

A good week of running.

Well mostly…I ran over 30 miles so that part was good, but I had to figure what shoes to do it in when my Brooks Ghost 10’s blistered my right Achilles, so bad that I couldn’t run in anything but my Hoka Infinite’s without making the blister worse.

More of a pain in the butt, but an uncomfortable pain that I didn’t want to put up with

This gave me a great opportunity to really figure out whether the Infinite’s were really keepers or just another pair of shoes that were close, but not quite what I want. I will be doing a 50 mile review on them, but the toe box is still not quite wide enough in a D-width. Not really keepers, except for temporary use when nothing else is working.


I also got a chance to play shoe surgeon and operated on the upper heel cup of the Ghost’s, it helped, but not quite enough. Even after removing the offending parts and reshaping the heel to a more notched design, there was still a little too much irritation for my still tender Achilles to play in them again right away.

Which meant that I had to get another pair of running shoes and you can read about my adventures here.


Yeah I ended up with the Under Armour Bandit 3’s, I liked the Bandit 2’s, that I had last summer, but they had fatal flaw that when I cornered my foot would go over the edge of the sole. Not a good thing, so before I decided on the 3’s I made sure that my foot stayed in the footbed, when I was trying them on. I will see how they do once the upper stretches out a little.

They did a 7.0 mile run, with 5.0 quality miles out of the box, so they started out pretty good.

Thursday and Friday were not good days, I felt like crap both days, but just pushed through to keep on keeping on. I mention it, just to remind me that after going upta camp, I was not 100%.


I was finally able to get back over 30 miles for the week. Which was the idea I had for most of the summer – not that I was able to do it very often with everything going on.

Run Summary 2017-08-20 21-13-45.png

I ran a couple of times over in Lancaster and while the blister on my right Achilles did affect things a little, it was more of a distraction than anything. However, it was enough that I didn’t want to deal with those issues.

Most of the runs overall were either easy – Level 1 or in the No Zone, so it looks by the summary data that I didn’t have much in the way of quality runs. Mmmm not so fast, even though the average pace of the runs say one thing, I actually had some very fast paces and better efforts than the data shows.

Weekly Summary 2017-08-20 21-15-13

A good week of running.

Running Shoes

Under Armour Bandit 3


A surprise choice to replace the Ghosts. 7.0 miles out of the box was a good start for me at this point. Comfortable and for a D-width they feel pretty good in the toe box. It is too early to have any real feeling about them.

Brooks Ghost 10


I like the way that I run in them, but not the way they chewed up my right Achilles tendon and blistered it. Shoe surgery might work after everything heals completely, but things are still a bit too tender to run in them right now.

Hoka Infinite


The only shoes that I had in the house that I could wear and not have it bother my blister. They simply are not wide enough in the toe box to run comfortably in. I can run in them, but the discomfort factor does rear its head after a while and I am limited to 5-6 miles before I have to shut down.


Not really any injuries, more like little niggles and some discomfort. By the end of the week:

  1. the right achilles and the blister issues
  2. the outside of my right foot didn’t like me a lot when I got over 5 miles (probably something to do with road crown) and the shoes I had on
  3. the left Achilles wasn’t impressed earlier in the week when I attempted to run longer
  4. the left inside ankle was bothering just walking in the WR20’s

I still was able to run through these relatively minor annoyances, although they did limit the distance I was able to run at a time. As you get older you don’t get the option of waiting to run when everything feels great, if you want to run you have to deal with the little things.

The only thing that I hate is when it is a shoe related discomfort and you have control over whether to wear those shoes or not. That is why I have gone through so many running shoes this year, I am looking for a pair that allow me to just run – still.


Overall, a good week of running and hopefully I found a pair of shoes that I can run in. Time will tell, but I am ever hopeful.

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