One Good Interval – RunLog 8-24-17

What a gorgeous day!

Yeah, today was one of those top 10 days of the summer.

When we go over to New Hampshire early on Tuesday, do work on the house in Lancaster, spend the night, finish up the next morning and then drive back to Maine. While trying to get runs in on both days on top of everything else.

Well it makes for Harold being a dull and tired old boy on Thursday.


Well let’s just say that on Thursdays I am not at my best, but this steak on the grill for supper sure did taste good. Nope, I am not a vegetarian, I eat fairly healthy, but I do like a good grilled steak.

This morning was too nice not to run and Bennie doesn’t get to run in New Hampshire, the roads are too busy and we haven’t found a decent place to run with him yet. So he was more than willing to plug right along this morning, plus we had a bunch of errands to run up in Waterville, which meant that I didn’t have the freedom to do much more than our usual 3.0 plus route.

The first couple of miles were an “easy” 8:15 pace – well they felt pretty easy and then I got this bright idea of doing a Blake to LG segment fartlek kind of thing. It is still dirt road and you have to pay attention to where you put your feet, so it isn’t just put body in gear and go. We plugged right along – faster than usual, but it is the pace I would love to be my 5k race pace again someday.

I am not going to lie and say it will be something that I will accomplish tomorrow or that it will be easy, but maybe by next summer, if I am smart, consistent and stay positive, it is an idea that I can follow through on.

After all Coach Bennie still thinks that I can run that fast!

I had thought about running again, but decided that rest was more important. So for resting, I went out and mowed the fringe out back and probably destroyed my field mower. I have a feeling that running 5-6 miles would have been more restful than mowing that fringe. Oh well, never said I was too smart.