A Wonky 7.0 Miler – RunLog 8-25-17

Originally, I had planned to run into Augusta, but at the last second, I had to change it to a run towards Waterville. Not big deal and actually I haven’t run this course since last November, so it was a nice change of pace.

The weather was just about perfect for me low 60’s for temp and humidity, but sunny with a little headwind to help the sweat dry. So I wanted to just run easy and see how far I could get before Mary caught up to me. Yeah it was a Waterville chase Harold down run.

Screenshot at 2017-08-25 21-27-18

The first mile was pretty easy, no rushing and I kept a consistent pace through 3.5 miles.

However, I was feeling really good, so when I got over to Goodhue Road I went to comfortably hard down the hill and maintained a good pace until I got over to the Middle Road. Getting in a sub 8:00 minute pace for mile 3-4.

Then I slowed down after Mile 5.0, which is a bit of a long slow incline, plus the traffic was pretty busy. Which resulted in me spending more time in the road’s shoulder than I wanted, where the grass, dirt, rocks, ruts, etc., ensured that I slowed down to make sure I didn’t screw up on the transition back and forth between the road/shoulder.

At 5.8 miles (I looked at my watch) my left Achilles started to bark and tighten up, so I slowed down in an area that I would typically pick it up, to see if I could get the Achilles to calm back down. No such luck and instead of doing the planned 8.0, I shut it down at 7.0 miles.

Not a bad run and I was happy with how well I ran, at least until the Achilles started barking. After I turned off the watch, I walked and about a half mile later, the Achilles finally stopped barking and felt fine. It is pretty strange the way that it the discomfort happens/begins somewhere between 5 and 6 miles, then after I stop running it pretty quickly gets back to normal?

All I can think of is that there is some scar tissue in the Achilles tendon area and it eventually gets the Achilles tendon or surrounding tissue irritated and once I stop running, it calms back down. Just gotta figure things out so I can get past the 6.0 miles without discomfort. That little 3 inch area is all that is holding me back from running further and who knows maybe even a bit faster.

Still, I am pretty happy with the run and how the Bandit 3’s are performing. No shoe issues, which is all I can ask of my shoes right now.