No Running Today – RunLog 9-25-17

Oh, I probably could have gone out and done an easy 3.0 miler, but sometimes the best idea is to simply – I know this is blasphemy, but the best thing sometimes is just not run.

We had to get up early to get the old freezer ready to leave and make room for the new one. We were scheduled to be the first delivery of the day – anywhere from 7:30 to 9:00 AM.

Which meant everything in that side of the house had to be moved out, the door taken off, the pnuematic pull door frame attachment on the storm door removed, just so they could get in and out of her in 30 minutes or they would get to charge us more in a delivery fee. They had the old one out, the new one setup and running properly in under 25 minutes. They sure as hell don’t give you a lot of leeway on delivering appliances in today’s world do they?

Oh well, it works and it is a frost-free model, so Mary is happy. Then we had to move everything back.

Also it was opening day of duck season, so it sounded more like a minor war zone down on the lake until almost 8:00 AM, which meant Bennie was a shaky baby until after the freezer delivery was done shortly after 9:00.

By then is was already too hot to run with him, hell let’s be real it was too damn hot and humid for me to run for myself. So I decided to call it a day and not worry about running at all, which was probably a good idea anyway, since the right hip was barking a little more than I really wanted to deal with.

The rest of the day was spent puttering around the house, doing a few walks and getting over 11,000 + steps in over the course of the day.

We even put the air conditioner back in temporarily, Bennie was having a tough time and I decided that he needed a break from the heat. It did make the rest of the day a lot more bearable.

85% and high humidity at the end of September sucks, but you gotta play the hand mother nature deals, so a “rest” day became the plan for today.


I Thought Summer Was Over – RunLog 9-24-17

By the time Bennie and I got out for our run, the temps had already risen into 80s and I was worried about how Bennie would be on the other end.


Let’s back up for a minute.

Last week I hurt my right hip a bit when running with Bennie, he went left and I planted right, which put some stress on the old hip tendons and stuff. It stayed in the uncomfortable, but runnable levels – enough that I finished a nice 7.0 mile run on it without too many issues.


However, on Friday morning, it was a bit more uncomfortable, but I really wanted to do a run in my new Under Armour Speedtire Low’s to see how they felt on something other than a walk. I was in Waterville and had a few extra minutes so I swung over to Quarry Road and planned on doing 3-4 miles on the groomed trails over there.

I wasn’t sure about how the hip was going to do, since it was pretty sore just sitting in the truck, so I started out and by the time I got to the bottom of the little hill at the start, I turned off the Garmin and walked back to the truck muttering to myself. Sometimes you just have to be smart and shut it down – I am not claiming that I am getting smarter, but the hip didn’t feel right, so I stopped.

I also took off yesterday, just to be careful.

This morning’s run with Bennie turned out to be a nice one as long as we stayed in the shade, but out in the open it was pretty miserable. Bennie did his Bennie intervals, but the anchor on the back didn’t let him go all that fast. Then on the way back once we got back to the flat I could see that Bennie was starting to fade. Once the truck went by, we ran to the lower gate and stopped there – it was too damn hot to go any further with him.

The Speedtire Low’s felt comfortable, did well on the dirt road, but the most surprising thing was that they were quiet on the tar. Yeah that really surprised me, because the tread is fairly aggressive.

The right hip was a little uncomfortable, but it never got beyond uncomfortable, so I kept going.

However, I wasn’t done yet.

After I dropped Bennie off and made sure he had cooled down for the most part, I drove over to UMA. I haven’t run there since I left at the end of June and it seemed like the perfect place to test the Speedtires a little more in their environment. Although it was more groomed trails than anything.

Driving by the bank clock on Out Civic Center Drive, read 88*F, kind of made me think that I was more than a little nuts. The 66% humidity definitely was a consideration too. However, I really wanted to try out the shoes, so I kept on going to UMA.


The hip was hanging in there, so I did easy stuff on the trails, the only places that the hip would bother a little is on the downhills, but otherwise it was just a uncomfortable run, but not a painful one. That I can deal with and there is a difference.


The Speedtires did everything I wanted and I was very comfortable running in them.


The Magic of Professional Sports is Missing

Yeah, once upon a time I used to be a huge professional and collegiate sports fan (I consider most of the more popular sports in college athletics to be a professional sport)…I loved the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Notre Dame football, hell I even closely followed the Boston Bruins and for many years and didn’t miss too many episodes of ESPN’s Sports Center, Mike & Mike or other more local daily coverage of the world of sports.

Today in all honesty when it comes to professional sports I am more likely to go “yeah okay” or “that’s nice” or even “who cares”. I follow them enough that I can talk with others who are more passionate about them, but that is about all.

No, this is not a rant by some crotchety old guy, who believes that professional and collegiate sports are all that much different from how they were in the past.

Maybe it is just me.

The Past in my view.

Many players and teams will do what they can to get an edge, whether it is ethical or cheating, that hasn’t really changed over the years, just the methods by which they attempt to do those things have changed. So it is not that cheating or that sports are anymore or any less morally challenged than in the past that bothers me.

Speaking of an edge, better athletes through modern chemistry is not a new thing, just more advanced, sometimes tougher to figure out who is doing what and yes, it does give those who do it a distinct advantage over those who do not. Whether or not it causes subsequent damage to the athlete’s lifespan or quality of life beyond athletics, is beyond the scope of this post. However, I am not a supporter of better athletes through modern chemistry, but I also not that naive to believe that it has not, does not and will not happen.

When money or celebrity is involved, it seems having or getting an advantage makes a difference in athletes, management and ownership’s judgement.

Which gets to the celebrity statues that many athletes, coaches and owners of teams enjoy as a result of their or their athlete’s athletic achievements. This has always been the case – good or great athletes and coaches at the local, national or international levels have always enjoyed the “perks” of being “good” at their sport and the financial rewards that accompany that go along with it.

Although I do tend to believe that amount of money in professional sports today is rather obscene, I don’t begrudge owners, coaches or players getting as big a piece of the pie as they can – after all they provide “entertainment” to the rest of us.

If none of those things have really bothered me over the years and don’t bother me now, what changed?

Three things really and I believe that each one really does affect the other.

  1. 24/7 focus on sports. The reporting on sports (and everything else it seems) has proliferated to the point where there is/are very few stones unturned, the media’s need to tear down athletes, management, owners, officials, umpires, referees or anyone else to ensure that a story is controversial i.e. newsworthy enough to get press time – has gotten old for me.

    It is almost like the media has become so jaded regarding sports figures that they have taken the goodness out of covering other human beings doing things that the reporters could never do or no longer can do. So all too often the phenomenal athletes or their achievements have to be torn down and brought back to a level of mediocrity or averageness that is not as threatening to others.

    Has the sports media over-reported the athletes so much that they have stolen away many of our heroes?

    For me maybe they have, some of the greatest athletes are not always great people and have some huge skeletons in their closets, but do I really need to know them? Evidently in today’s 24/7 world where everything is known about everyone, I am supposed to whether I want to or not.

  2. Loyalty. Speaking of the loyalty, where is it other than with the fan?

    Neither the owners, management or players exhibit much in the way of loyalty when it comes to being a member of a team that I follow. The old stay with a team from rookie season to retirement is much the same as staying with a single company for that amount time in real life – it doesn’t happen very often in today’s world.

    The connections and loyalty that I as a fan make with players and teams has dissolved as sports has become big business and make no mistake about it, sports are BIG BUSINESS.

    It is hard to root for teams when they are run as if they are an IBM, Microsoft, Mobil, 3M or some other large faceless corporate entity and the players are a member of a team more for the money than anything else. Not that making money by everyone involved is a bad thing, but at what point does it get to be the only thing that matters.

    I understand the bottom-line is the bottom-line for both owners and players (especially the players, who like Icarus only have a short time in the sun to make their money), but it seems to me that it is the fan who gets the short-end of stick.

    Well of course unless the team is winning…Then the fan is happy…well for a short time at least, until the team can’t or won’t pay those players who got them there (lets them go or trades them away), the player decides to leave or the team leaves the city.

    But I have to ask as a fan, is it really our team that wins, or just a collection of highly paid individuals, who have been brought together conveniently by the corporation with the best management and enough money to make it work for a short period of time.

    After all it is a business – isn’t it?

    To everyone, but the fan. That person who steadfastly roots for his or her team year-after-year regardless of who plays for it or what their record is. You know that loyal fan.

  3. The magic is missing.

    Yeah, athletics are a magical or at least they can be. The magic of the moment is real in sports.  Moments like: “Havlicek stole the ball!” Henry Aaron’s number 715, Meb crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon a year after the bombing and so many other “magical moments” in our sports history that I have cheered over, argued about and cried over.

    The moments that touch us, make memories good and bad for our team’s legacies. Those magical moments where athletics suspend or at least temporarily transcend  the hum drum existence of daily life.

    While these moments are still happening for many fans, those moments for me have been fleeting and mostly “oh that’s nice” or “I am glad my team won” kind of thoughts after they happen. An example would be instead of being excited during things like the Patriots coming back after being down 3-28 in the Super Bowl, something I missed, because I haven’t had the interest to watch the last two.

    The anticipation and excitement about being able to be a part of that moment vicariously as a spectator is a powerful emotion and one that I have not had lately. I don’t follow, watch the games enough live anymore to be a part of those magical moments. After all I can watch it later on the sports show of my choice in a condensed highlight reel from a reel of highlights that never end.

    It is almost as if I have become over stimulated to the point where I am numb to the magic of sport’s great moments today, because there seems to be so much coverage of so many great moments every day, that I cannot sort out the truly great moments from the merely good ones.

    Perhaps the magic is still there, but hidden underneath the deluge of inane big business of sports coverage and their efforts to make every moment seemingly the next big magical moment.

The reality is that

I haven’t felt the magic of being a professional or collegiate sports fan for at least a couple of years. As collegiate and professional sports have moved into the field of big business over the years, I have become more jaded and less interested in following the “games” that I used to love.

Watching one of the major professional sports and the seemingly endless coverage of them today is not a priority for me. The days of me sitting and watching a full Red Sox game, attempting to watch all 82 regular season Celtics games on radio or TV, actually watching all the Patriots games or even putting on the Bruins when nothing else is on are over.

I might even catch one of the sports shows for a particular reason: a big trade, the draft or something that interests me, but I have stopped watching/listening to the daily in-depth coverage of sports as a form of entertainment. Its angry tone, shrill attention seeking commentary and repetitive nature fails to tap my interest like it used to.

There is too much noise.

I don’t know if it is just me or the professional sports themselves or how they are covered, but something has changed. The love that I had for watching, following and supporting my teams has waned to the point where going out and mowing the lawn comes before watching a football game, playing a video game comes before watching baseball or basketball game and reading or watching a good book or movie is better entertainment than something to do with sports.

It is sad to realize that something that was such an important part of your life for so long, now has so little meaning in it.

The magic of professional sports is gone for me.

Yeah, I guess I am getting to be a crotchety old fart.

I guess I will stop here and go for a run and see if I can find some of that old magic out on a road someplace.

Maybe, I just need to find a spark somewhere to rekindle that love of professional sports and see the magic of them again.

A Bit Longer Than Usual – RunLog 8-21-17

Well we are back from Lancaster, NH and the two-day flip-flop kicked my butt again. Which meant that I looked at and rearranged the training plan schedule just a little to accommodate driving over there and back on most Tuesday/Wednesday through the end of October. Moving my day off from Fridays to Wednesday and making Friday an easy/shorter run day.

I think it will work a little better for me that way.


Tuesday – I ran an easy 5.0 miler – nothing special happened, just putting the mileage in.

Wednesday – DNR. Wednesdays are just a tough day to get a run in. Usually mornings are busy finishing up stuff around the house in Lnacaster and then in the afternoon there is a three hour drive home to get done. After which, I am tired, hungry and really not in the mood for a damn run. 😉

Just being honest.

This morning was a planned 6.0 mile run, so I decided to run over to Goodhue which  actually ends up being 6.7 miles, which means – of course I have to finish up the 7th mile. I prefer the round numbers.

This was an easy day, so no speed was involved and I maintained a steady 9:00 minute pace for 6 of the 7 miles – the last one was a lot slower, but I will just call that a cool-down mile 🙂

Nothing special happened during the run, other than a few sarcastic remarks from the owner of Annie’s General Store – we have known each other for a while and she always gives me grief, when she sees me out running. Especially when I didn’t notice her in the driveway yakking away at me as I ran by – I was someplace else I guess. Not too great on situational awareness at the 4.0 mile point. So she made a point of slowing down to give me grief after she got in her car.

I WILL get even!!!  hehehee

The right hip is acting up like it usually does when I start to increase the speed/distance a little. It will take about 2-3 weeks for it to calm down, so I gotta start doing the Epsom salt baths, heating pad and Aspercreme rubs to get it to go away. Just part of the deal and something that is not a new phenomena.

I did make it to Chapter three of Neverwinter Nights (the original game) last night. Just some old school gaming to pass the time and enjoy some solo D&D time. I even got about 80 pages into The Cleric Quintet over the past few days. Not a bad way to waste a little time, escaping into a little heroic fantasy.

Just gotta get through October 20th and things will be fine :-).


Back In Training Mode – RunLog 9-18-17

A busy day to start, going to the lawyer’s office to finish updating our wills. If you don’t have one, please have one made up – it only helps the people you leave behind and the Courts know what you want to happen to you and your stuff. Then we went and got a new frost-free freezer, to replace our old one that you have to manually defrost = a pain in the arse.

Today I started my latest training schedule. After researching and looking at multiple training plans online and in my library last night, the 10K training plan from Cool Running seemed to best meet what I was looking for.

10k training plan

Yep, it is a 10K training schedule and while I plan to have my goal race be the Gasping Gobbler 5K in November over at Cony, I wanted to do more mileage than most 5K plans usually have. Which will give me the flexibility to bump up the long runs to half marathon distances, so if the body holds up and I decide that I want to do a half, I can.

I know it is not a specific plan for either the 5k or Half, but I think it is something that I can have fun with and will get me ready for what I want to do in both races.

What I will do sort of looks like this and though I have changed it up a bit to meet my schedule. It does give me a framework to look at how I want to move forward. However, it is not a set in stone kind of thing that will be what I do every day.

this weeks plan

Like today’s workout. In my plan I had an easy 3.0 planned, but with Hurricane Jose coming up the coast tomorrow and a trip over to NH in the works, I wasn’t sure of getting in a good 5.0 mile fartlek run. So on the first day of the new training schedule I had to switch it up and do tomorrow’s workout today and do what I can tomorrow.

Nice way to start – huh. First day and I already am changing things up.

Oh well, welcome to my world.

Yeah and my fartlek coach decided that he didn’t want to run this morning. He just wasn’t into the idea of heading out and doing it today. Which meant that we did a 2.5 mile walk and I didn’t get to my run until a lot later than I prefer to run.

I started out the run planning to do the full 5.0 miles with a mile warm-up and mile cool-down, but as the time got later and later, I realized that I had some other things that might get in the way of doing the full distance.

So I set out to see how things felt.

Going down Stevens Hill about a half mile in, I did my first speed play and felt very good. When I looked at the Strava graph it was a lot faster than I expected. Even with the slower segments I went through both of the first two miles sub 8:00.

However, when I looked at the time at Wildwood, I figured that I better turn around there and when I figured out that I wasn’t going to finish the full workout – I lost focus. Mile 3.0 was okay, but I forgot the speed play part of running and the final mile was more of a cool down than speed play.

Oh well, not quite the workout I wanted, but it was still a better quality workout than I usually do. I just have to get used to doing it at a certain pace versus going balls to the wall and hanging on at the end. Unfortunately, proper pacing has never been one of my strong suites = something I will get better at.

You can teach an old dawg new tricks.

Now to get to work on eating a bit cleaner (it would help if SD1 hadn’t brought home a whoopie pie), luckily it was only one and I didn’t “have” to eat the whole thing. I do want to cut back a lot on my sweets intake and eat more real food.

UPS stopped by and dropped off a pair of shoes from Running Warehouse for me that I bought. I decided that I wanted a pair of trail shoes that I could use for low-key trail running, some hiking with Mary and Bennie, then have them for nasty weather running this winter.

I decided on the…

Under Armour Speed Tire Ascent Low Men’s Shoes – Fire


Basically, Under Armour shoes seem to fit me really well (even in their normal d-width), the Bandit 3’s are working really well and finally the Ascent Low’s were on sale. That combo made it a little easier for me to convince myself that I needed them more than wanted them. 🙂


They felt good out of the box fit-wise and when I walked in them they were comfortable. I could definitely tell they are trail/nasty weather shoes when I walked on tar in them, but that is what I got them for.


I can’t wait to get them out on the trails.

An interesting day to say the least.

A Step Forward – RunLog 9-17-17

I have been reading other people’s week in review and figured out that I haven’t been all that good about doing them lately. Not that I haven’t been a little busy with everything else in New Hampshire going on lately but I have to get a little better about them.


Earlier this week I whined, pissed and moaned about not really having any races on the horizon and that I am not training for anything. You can read about it here, it does give a little look into the jumbled up thinking that is going on inside of this old noggin of mine.

It comes down to that until the New Hampshire stuff is finished up and attempting to get the house prepped for winter (all the stuff we couldn’t get done this summer) that we have other priorities than my running. Which is too bad, but the way it is.

However, I have started to take my prehab a lot more seriously and am starting to look at some races that I should have time to train for before the end of the year. Maybe the Gasping Gobbler over at Cony as a nice way to end the season and a half someplace if I can find one and the old body can hold up to the mileage.

I have signed up for the Millinocket Half in December, but plan on running that more as a training run than a race – December in Northern Maine = cold and maybe just a bit of snow. Now to find someone to ride up to it that morning with (really early).

Otherwise running lately has been a bit hit or miss. Some weeks I get where I want and others, it just doesn’t happen. However, I know the limitations that I have been given and haven’t been too worried about the mileage or the DNR days that have accumulated.

This week was a been one of the better ones, but even then I didn’t reach that goal of 30 miles for a week. Oh well, at least I got above 20, so it wasn’t all bad.

weekly run summary 9-17-17

I did get a trail run in this week and that is something that I would like to do a lot more of going forward. It is definitely tougher than running on the roads and forces me to slow down, while forcing the body to do more than just run in a straight line. A surprise might be coming on Monday that will make me want to do trails a little more.

Bennie has been running me a little faster down-back, now that he is over his little bout with doggie conjunctivitis and visit to the Vet earlier in the week. He has wanted to run faster on the flat and I had a 1:25 and 1:23 times for it on consecutive days. So I do have a little speed left in the legs (although I am not sure on how I would do for more than one repeat).

weekly summary 9-17-17

I don’t know if I will get that 100 mile month or not, but I do plan on moving to training mode next week and move away from just running. However, it is still dependent on what happens in New Hampshire and how much time needs to be devoted to over there.

Running Shoes

I am down to two pair and only one am I actively running in – the Under Armour Bandit 3’s. Which are doing everything that I have asked of them. I did my 50 mile review of them here and the bottom line is that they are comfortable for me to run in.


Overall, it was a nice week of running.

I have made the decision to actually get back into training mode and this week will be my first one to get back to it. Now to figure out what I am actually training for, pay the registration fee and focus more on getting ready for it.

One step forward.

Now to figure out the next step.


100% Humidity = Yech – RunLog 9/16/17

Ahhhh that 100% humidity – sucks.

Oh well, you still gotta run, it just means that you run a bit slower – doesn’t it.

It doesn’t really show how sweaty I got

Well yeah, kind of sort of probably.

The first run was with Bennie and we did the usual Bennie things, stopping, starting and going like hell for a bit. Running with him is almost always like a Fartlek workout, so I have learned to just go with the flow, errrrr Bennie pace.

Although when we hit the flats, he was hell bent to go, even though I was sucking eggs and swimming more than running. We somehow managed a 1:23, which ties the second fastest time for that segment and a couple of seconds faster than yesterday. It is almost a quarter mile and reminds me that fast quarters suck hard when you run them hard.

Which means at some point I have to get to the track and do a few of them.

We slowed down going up Stevens Hill – a lot. I needed to start breathing again, instead looking like a fish out of water too long. We finished strong, although Bennie got distracted by the neighbor out walking the baby and their dog as we were finishing.

For the last 20 yards, I actually felt everything come together and I was running with that old effortless stride, then reality smacked me around a little and I got to the mailbox (my finish) and fell apart. I kind of chuckled when I looked at the Strava graph and my finishing kick (if you want to call it that) today, at its fastest point, was slower than the pace that used to be my race pace for a 10K.

This getting old does shit to the body or at least it sure does seem that way to me. 🙂

Run #2

Yeah, I am not too smart today that 100% humidity must have addled the old noggin more than I thought. Oh well, I wanted to get a few more miles in, but I wanted them to be slow miles. Which meant that I couldn’t run on the roads, because when I do I seem to get close to a comfortable 9:00 minute pace and stay there. That would have hurt this morning.

So I decided to do a trail run, not UMA or Colby’s groomed ones, but something a little tougher, but not so tough that it would hurt a lot. Which meant either Messalonskee Stream Trail in Oakland or Bond Brook in Augusta. To be honest, I didn’t feel like messing with hills in that kind of humidity.

Besides I love MST and haven’t been over there since last fall – if I remember correctly.

What I like best is that there is only one really bad hill on the trail and as I went along, the memory of what would be coming up was still pretty accurate. Although the first bridge collapsed and they had to put in a different one. Not quite as nice or photogenic, but it gets the job done.

I took a couple of photos of the water and then a section of the trail that I do love. But otherwise I just plugged along, being very focused on where and how I was stepping. Then when I got about half-way up the hill, I just walked. I was out for a good effort, not killing myself.

I escaped without any new injuries, no face plants or knee/hand scraps – the trail gods didn’t demand a blood sacrifice today. A good thing.

However, I did what I wanted a nice and easy (well as easy a running on a root and rock strewn trail is going to be), but most of all slower run. It did feel good to be running in the woods again and even though the Bandit 3’s did just fine on the dry trail, I could see how much a pair of trail runners would have helped out going downhill and in the loose dirt sections that had leaves on top.

Yeah a pretty darn good day of running, even with 100% humidity.

In Training vs Just Running

Sometimes we get things confused and in training versus just running is one that usually bites me square in the arse.

Harold hanging around in his not training training mode

What do you mean Harold? Aren’t they the same thing?

You get out and pound the pavement a lot.

Errrr not really.

In Training

In my mind when I am in training, it is to accomplish something. You know prepare for a particular race or distance at a certain pace, attempt a PR — you know prepare the old body to accomplish something that it wouldn’t otherwise. 2017-09-15 08-27-47

It includes running certain paces/miles, including structured workouts, then doing more prehab, rehab, eating better, weight training, purposely embracing a higher level of discomfort while running, read a lot of Internet Articles/Blog posts on how to improve your racing and a bunch of tactics to improve the mental side of my running. I guess it comes down to pushing my running outside of that comfortable bubble that I have made for myself.

Just Running

When I am just running (which is what this year has primarily been). I just run. I tend to run at comfortable paces, don’t worry about hitting pace goals, if I have a great day and go faster than usual it is an accident. I half-heartedly do a little prehab, minimal rehab, eat what I want (when I want), don’t read much about running and run comfortably (unless Bennie decides to do a vehicle interval). If I miss a day or two of running (or more), it really doesn’t matter, running is more about relieving stress than beating on the body.

Run Summary 2017-08-20 21-13-45

When I just run – there really is not any planning to the running – just go out the door do what I feel like that day and attempt to get somewhere between 30-40 miles a week in – not that I have been all that successful doing that over the past 3-4 months.

Moving Forward

So maybe it is time for me to get my arse in gear and get back into more of a training mode now that things in New Hampshire are starting to wind down. I know that I am no where near being in racing shape for a 5K or Half marathon, but I do want to do both before the end of the year.

I signed up for the Millinocket Half Marathon in December (early in the year) and there are always a bunch of 5K’s that I can do in the area between now and the end of the year.  Other than the Millinocket Half Marathon, I do not have anything planned or races that I really want to get ready for.

It almost seems as though my piss and vinegar, err motivation has been sucked dry after the long-arse summer.

Lots of Questions

  • Maybe my best bet is to race myself back into shape, with a bunch of 5K’s?
  • Do I train for the half and keep running 5Ks?
  • Am I even all that interested in running a half right now?
  • Do I really want to race/train or keep just running through the rest of the year to get a better base in and then go into training mode in 2018?
  • How about some trail races thrown in, although most of the big ones are done there are still more than a few left to get ready for.

As life slows down a little and I actually can get into a routine that is more conducive to training, it seems that I have to think a little more about where I want my running to go. After all, I “might” have a little more time to “just do it” now that my retirement is a part of the equation.

All I know is that I want to get back to participating in the local running community after dropping off the face of the earth over the summer, well actually the past year.

However, I think I have clarified for me the difference between “in training” and “just running”. Something that I needed to do, because I was really sort of in between the two – training for nothing, but doing more than just running.

I think that is something that a lot of runners need to clarify for themselves and once they do it might surprise them what they are actually doing versus what they thought they were doing.

hmmm a lot to think about and time figure out where I want to go with my running for the rest of the year. Next year will take of itself – I think :-).

Started Great, Ended Up Sucking – RunLog 9-14-17

Some days, you think that you are going to have a great run and it starts out fantastic. Then suddenly “bam”, everything goes to shit.

Yeah, that is basically the run that I had this morning.

However, we did get a lot of work done around the house this afternoon. After our running this morning. We both had tough runs, but Mary is tougher than I am and finished hers.


One thing I am learning as I get frigging older (just a little frustration), is that it does take me longer to recover from stuff. Last weekend we cleaned up/out camp and physically I went pretty deep into the well. You know that gotta show that we can keep up with the young fellas mentality that old farts have to do.

Just part of the deal.

The problem is that old farts pay for it.

I am an old fart and last weekend really proved it to me.

All week I have been feeling fatigued, exhausted and all those other things to describe that I am just tired – mentally and physically.

This morning I was feeling decent and took Bennie for a walk down to the brook and back. I wore the Adidas Adios Boost 3’s and about 2 miles into the walk remembered how the shoes always started to bother right about that point on most runs that I did in them, but never had a lot of time to think about it carefully during a run, when I am attempting to finish it.


Everything else felt decent and while I was walking I thought about all the running shoes and other gear that I have laying around that does not fit or work the way I want. When I got home, I went through the shoes and got rid of the Ghost 10’s, Adios Boost 3’s, Challenger 2’s and some shirts that have gotten into the high stink zone.

Enough crap stuff, how about that Middle Road Loop 5.0 mile run.

I surprised myself going down the hill, I actually picked up the pace pretty good and went through the first mile sub 8:00, which I haven’t done in a while. I was feeling pretty good and not really working all that hard, so I kept the pace steady through mile 2.0 and had another sub 8:00 mile.

Unfortunately, once I got by the farm, the sun came out in all its glory, which raised the temps quickly in the open areas and then when I got down to the Middle Road, the wind was at my back. I was starting to bake or was that broil the length of this section.

Going up the hill by the Warren’s, everything fell apart.

It was like somebody stuck a needle in a balloon and all the air came out at once in a big pop. By the time I got to the top of the hill any thoughts I had about turning in a great run went out the window – I was focused on surviving and getting back home. I went from sub 8:00’s the first two miles to over 9:00 for mile 3.0 and walked up the hill by the Town Office – yeah I walked it.

Once I got past the big tree, I forced myself to start in again, it SUCKED bad. There was no way I was going to run up Blake and Stevens Hill, so I decided to bag the run at 4.0 miles. Even knowing that I was stopping at 4.0, I couldn’t pick that pace back up to anything more than 10:00 minute pace.

When I stopped, I needed to stop.

The run wasn’t going to get better and suffering another mile wasn’t going to do anything positive and at this point in my training, it would not have served any purpose other than to injure something.

Some runs are like that…you start out great and then suddenly the bottom drops out. When I got back to the house and uploaded the data to Garmin Connect, I was able to figure out a little bit of what happened when I looked at the weather. When I started it was 70*F and 73% humidity. Not horrendous to start in, but the heat, humidity, lack of breeze and broiling in the bright sun set me up to crash and burn due to the faster than usual pace I attempted.

Also I don’t think that I have fully recovered from the weekend of work quite yet.

Oh well, put this in the basket – a forgettable run that I will learn from, but not stress out about it – bad runs happen – crash and burns happen.

Just remember those first 2.0 miles were actually pretty damn good.

Time to let go and move on.

Tonight Mary and I had a date night and went out to supper at Slates in Hallowell. We had a nice relaxing meal, the food was great and we had the entire upstairs to ourselves for almost 45 minutes (yeah, it was nice). We gabbed, talked, laughed and just had a good time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, without having to work while we are together.

Something we haven’t done in a long time.

Overall, a pretty good day.

Gotta Get Consistent Again

Over the past few weeks, I have only run 6 of 16 days and feel that I have lost a bit of ground over that time. However, there really wasn’t a whole lot I could have done differently during the days that I didn’t run – life got in the way and exhaution was part and parcel for many of the days.

I still managed over 10,000 steps every day, without the running or long walks, but that was more how much I worked than actual working out :-).


Today’s run was done in just about perfect weather, 72*F, low humidity and a light SW breeze. However, I just wanted to finish the run more than anything and I was uncertain about how I was going to do. Especially, after walking with Bennie a couple of miles just before I ran.

I was still pretty damn tired from all the work we did this weekend and then yesterday’s work day over in Lancaster, then three-hour drive home. So I wasn’t sure how the old bod was going to handle a 5.0 miler.

Actually, I think the body was in better shape than my brain (which is often my limiting factor).

During the run, I felt fine and kept playing games to keep going out to Notta Road and once I got out there, there was no choice but to come back.

The run itself was nothing special, it was one where you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, while maintaining a decent effort. Finishing the 5.0 miles in under 45:00 minutes was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one for the amount of effort that I put into this run.

Well, enough whining about how little I have run lately, now it is time to get back into a decent routine again.


Fall is in the air – the leaves are starting to change and over in Lancaster at night it already is getting into the 30’s.

It is time to run and run well.