Running At Home – RunLog 9/7/17

Coming back from up North yesterday, I saw a convoy of eight New Brunswick, Canada electric company vehicles heading south. I have a feeling they are being pre-positioned somewhere down south, to help with the devastation that Hurricane Irma will bring to Florida this weekend.


A Category 5 hurricane making landfall is a scary thing and the size of this storm makes it even worse.

There is not too much I can do about that, other than worry a little and hope that my Cousin Mike and Uncle Donnie ride this storm out safely, so back to more mundane matters.

Well, to tell you the truth I like running at home. I know the area, what should be there and what shouldn’t, where the mean dogs are and the hills I ain’t too fond of are. It is comfortable to run where you can relax, let the mind wander and not worry about (or wonder), what is around the next bend, corner or on the other side of the hill you are running up.

Sometimes just knowing those things is a good thing.

Yeah, I enjoy getting out and running new in places every so often, but for the most part I am a creature of habits and prefer to know where I am.

So yesterday’s little 3.3 mile jaunt with Bennie and the day before’s 5.0 miler were the home coming that I needed. The rain was a little wet (dry humor there), but not too much had changed since I went over to NH back in August.

School has started, so you have to avoid the big yellow buses that sometimes forget that they can move over a little more and then listen to the kids complain, grumble about their homework as they head into their houses 🙂 Damn teachers giving that homework anyway (Yes, I was one of those at one point – so I can poke fun at them).

The weather was a bit humid both days – that 100% chance of rain stuff, so the ends of the runs suffered a bit, but I didn’t wilt as bad as I thought I would.

I did get to go out for lunch with Dad yesterday and while he is stubborn and fighting the fight as best as possible, there is a decline that is not going to be reversed. He has lived a full and good life, but even he says that his time left is limited, so that is something that is looming at some point – probably not too far in the distant future. Nobody knows for sure how much time we have left, but at least, I have some time to prepare myself for this inevitability.

Sometimes I think that Bennie and Elliott are lucky and just have to be comfortable and don’t have to worry about what might happen going forward.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but I have a lot on my mind right now and can’t do a whole helluva lot about any of it, other than worry a bit.