Gotta Get Consistent Again

Over the past few weeks, I have only run 6 of 16 days and feel that I have lost a bit of ground over that time. However, there really wasn’t a whole lot I could have done differently during the days that I didn’t run – life got in the way and exhaution was part and parcel for many of the days.

I still managed over 10,000 steps every day, without the running or long walks, but that was more how much I worked than actual working out :-).


Today’s run was done in just about perfect weather, 72*F, low humidity and a light SW breeze. However, I just wanted to finish the run more than anything and I was uncertain about how I was going to do. Especially, after walking with Bennie a couple of miles just before I ran.

I was still pretty damn tired from all the work we did this weekend and then yesterday’s work day over in Lancaster, then three-hour drive home. So I wasn’t sure how the old bod was going to handle a 5.0 miler.

Actually, I think the body was in better shape than my brain (which is often my limiting factor).

During the run, I felt fine and kept playing games to keep going out to Notta Road and once I got out there, there was no choice but to come back.

The run itself was nothing special, it was one where you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, while maintaining a decent effort. Finishing the 5.0 miles in under 45:00 minutes was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one for the amount of effort that I put into this run.

Well, enough whining about how little I have run lately, now it is time to get back into a decent routine again.


Fall is in the air – the leaves are starting to change and over in Lancaster at night it already is getting into the 30’s.

It is time to run and run well.


One thought on “Gotta Get Consistent Again

  1. Getting back to the routine is definitely challenging! With our vacation, then dealing with our basement issues, it felt like a month of disruption and the exhaustion does tend to win out sometimes. Then you need to get out of the ‘oh I will just sleep a little more’ mentality, which is a slippery slope, and re-find that focus and willpower. For me it has really just been these last couple of weeks that I have felt on top of my game, and this weekend I hit my fastest pace for a long run since … well, spring of last year!

    The other thing you touch on is how just getting the activity and steps isn’t the same thing – we were walking 8-10 miles per day, and more on some days, active all the time, and yet I felt very out of shape when we returned.

    So just keep with it – fight the mental game and the rest will fall into place!

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