Started Great, Ended Up Sucking – RunLog 9-14-17

Some days, you think that you are going to have a great run and it starts out fantastic. Then suddenly “bam”, everything goes to shit.

Yeah, that is basically the run that I had this morning.

However, we did get a lot of work done around the house this afternoon. After our running this morning. We both had tough runs, but Mary is tougher than I am and finished hers.


One thing I am learning as I get frigging older (just a little frustration), is that it does take me longer to recover from stuff. Last weekend we cleaned up/out camp and physically I went pretty deep into the well. You know that gotta show that we can keep up with the young fellas mentality that old farts have to do.

Just part of the deal.

The problem is that old farts pay for it.

I am an old fart and last weekend really proved it to me.

All week I have been feeling fatigued, exhausted and all those other things to describe that I am just tired – mentally and physically.

This morning I was feeling decent and took Bennie for a walk down to the brook and back. I wore the Adidas Adios Boost 3’s and about 2 miles into the walk remembered how the shoes always started to bother right about that point on most runs that I did in them, but never had a lot of time to think about it carefully during a run, when I am attempting to finish it.


Everything else felt decent and while I was walking I thought about all the running shoes and other gear that I have laying around that does not fit or work the way I want. When I got home, I went through the shoes and got rid of the Ghost 10’s, Adios Boost 3’s, Challenger 2’s and some shirts that have gotten into the high stink zone.

Enough crap stuff, how about that Middle Road Loop 5.0 mile run.

I surprised myself going down the hill, I actually picked up the pace pretty good and went through the first mile sub 8:00, which I haven’t done in a while. I was feeling pretty good and not really working all that hard, so I kept the pace steady through mile 2.0 and had another sub 8:00 mile.

Unfortunately, once I got by the farm, the sun came out in all its glory, which raised the temps quickly in the open areas and then when I got down to the Middle Road, the wind was at my back. I was starting to bake or was that broil the length of this section.

Going up the hill by the Warren’s, everything fell apart.

It was like somebody stuck a needle in a balloon and all the air came out at once in a big pop. By the time I got to the top of the hill any thoughts I had about turning in a great run went out the window – I was focused on surviving and getting back home. I went from sub 8:00’s the first two miles to over 9:00 for mile 3.0 and walked up the hill by the Town Office – yeah I walked it.

Once I got past the big tree, I forced myself to start in again, it SUCKED bad. There was no way I was going to run up Blake and Stevens Hill, so I decided to bag the run at 4.0 miles. Even knowing that I was stopping at 4.0, I couldn’t pick that pace back up to anything more than 10:00 minute pace.

When I stopped, I needed to stop.

The run wasn’t going to get better and suffering another mile wasn’t going to do anything positive and at this point in my training, it would not have served any purpose other than to injure something.

Some runs are like that…you start out great and then suddenly the bottom drops out. When I got back to the house and uploaded the data to Garmin Connect, I was able to figure out a little bit of what happened when I looked at the weather. When I started it was 70*F and 73% humidity. Not horrendous to start in, but the heat, humidity, lack of breeze and broiling in the bright sun set me up to crash and burn due to the faster than usual pace I attempted.

Also I don’t think that I have fully recovered from the weekend of work quite yet.

Oh well, put this in the basket – a forgettable run that I will learn from, but not stress out about it – bad runs happen – crash and burns happen.

Just remember those first 2.0 miles were actually pretty damn good.

Time to let go and move on.

Tonight Mary and I had a date night and went out to supper at Slates in Hallowell. We had a nice relaxing meal, the food was great and we had the entire upstairs to ourselves for almost 45 minutes (yeah, it was nice). We gabbed, talked, laughed and just had a good time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, without having to work while we are together.

Something we haven’t done in a long time.

Overall, a pretty good day.