100% Humidity = Yech – RunLog 9/16/17

Ahhhh that 100% humidity – sucks.

Oh well, you still gotta run, it just means that you run a bit slower – doesn’t it.

It doesn’t really show how sweaty I got

Well yeah, kind of sort of probably.

The first run was with Bennie and we did the usual Bennie things, stopping, starting and going like hell for a bit. Running with him is almost always like a Fartlek workout, so I have learned to just go with the flow, errrrr Bennie pace.

Although when we hit the flats, he was hell bent to go, even though I was sucking eggs and swimming more than running. We somehow managed a 1:23, which ties the second fastest time for that segment and a couple of seconds faster than yesterday. It is almost a quarter mile and reminds me that fast quarters suck hard when you run them hard.

Which means at some point I have to get to the track and do a few of them.

We slowed down going up Stevens Hill – a lot. I needed to start breathing again, instead looking like a fish out of water too long. We finished strong, although Bennie got distracted by the neighbor out walking the baby and their dog as we were finishing.

For the last 20 yards, I actually felt everything come together and I was running with that old effortless stride, then reality smacked me around a little and I got to the mailbox (my finish) and fell apart. I kind of chuckled when I looked at the Strava graph and my finishing kick (if you want to call it that) today, at its fastest point, was slower than the pace that used to be my race pace for a 10K.

This getting old does shit to the body or at least it sure does seem that way to me. 🙂

Run #2

Yeah, I am not too smart today that 100% humidity must have addled the old noggin more than I thought. Oh well, I wanted to get a few more miles in, but I wanted them to be slow miles. Which meant that I couldn’t run on the roads, because when I do I seem to get close to a comfortable 9:00 minute pace and stay there. That would have hurt this morning.

So I decided to do a trail run, not UMA or Colby’s groomed ones, but something a little tougher, but not so tough that it would hurt a lot. Which meant either Messalonskee Stream Trail in Oakland or Bond Brook in Augusta. To be honest, I didn’t feel like messing with hills in that kind of humidity.

Besides I love MST and haven’t been over there since last fall – if I remember correctly.

What I like best is that there is only one really bad hill on the trail and as I went along, the memory of what would be coming up was still pretty accurate. Although the first bridge collapsed and they had to put in a different one. Not quite as nice or photogenic, but it gets the job done.

I took a couple of photos of the water and then a section of the trail that I do love. But otherwise I just plugged along, being very focused on where and how I was stepping. Then when I got about half-way up the hill, I just walked. I was out for a good effort, not killing myself.

I escaped without any new injuries, no face plants or knee/hand scraps – the trail gods didn’t demand a blood sacrifice today. A good thing.

However, I did what I wanted a nice and easy (well as easy a running on a root and rock strewn trail is going to be), but most of all slower run. It did feel good to be running in the woods again and even though the Bandit 3’s did just fine on the dry trail, I could see how much a pair of trail runners would have helped out going downhill and in the loose dirt sections that had leaves on top.

Yeah a pretty darn good day of running, even with 100% humidity.