A Step Forward – RunLog 9-17-17

I have been reading other people’s week in review and figured out that I haven’t been all that good about doing them lately. Not that I haven’t been a little busy with everything else in New Hampshire going on lately but I have to get a little better about them.


Earlier this week I whined, pissed and moaned about not really having any races on the horizon and that I am not training for anything. You can read about it here, it does give a little look into the jumbled up thinking that is going on inside of this old noggin of mine.

It comes down to that until the New Hampshire stuff is finished up and attempting to get the house prepped for winter (all the stuff we couldn’t get done this summer) that we have other priorities than my running. Which is too bad, but the way it is.

However, I have started to take my prehab a lot more seriously and am starting to look at some races that I should have time to train for before the end of the year. Maybe the Gasping Gobbler over at Cony as a nice way to end the season and a half someplace if I can find one and the old body can hold up to the mileage.

I have signed up for the Millinocket Half in December, but plan on running that more as a training run than a race – December in Northern Maine = cold and maybe just a bit of snow. Now to find someone to ride up to it that morning with (really early).

Otherwise running lately has been a bit hit or miss. Some weeks I get where I want and others, it just doesn’t happen. However, I know the limitations that I have been given and haven’t been too worried about the mileage or the DNR days that have accumulated.

This week was a been one of the better ones, but even then I didn’t reach that goal of 30 miles for a week. Oh well, at least I got above 20, so it wasn’t all bad.

weekly run summary 9-17-17

I did get a trail run in this week and that is something that I would like to do a lot more of going forward. It is definitely tougher than running on the roads and forces me to slow down, while forcing the body to do more than just run in a straight line. A surprise might be coming on Monday that will make me want to do trails a little more.

Bennie has been running me a little faster down-back, now that he is over his little bout with doggie conjunctivitis and visit to the Vet earlier in the week. He has wanted to run faster on the flat and I had a 1:25 and 1:23 times for it on consecutive days. So I do have a little speed left in the legs (although I am not sure on how I would do for more than one repeat).

weekly summary 9-17-17

I don’t know if I will get that 100 mile month or not, but I do plan on moving to training mode next week and move away from just running. However, it is still dependent on what happens in New Hampshire and how much time needs to be devoted to over there.

Running Shoes

I am down to two pair and only one am I actively running in – the Under Armour Bandit 3’s. Which are doing everything that I have asked of them. I did my 50 mile review of them here and the bottom line is that they are comfortable for me to run in.


Overall, it was a nice week of running.

I have made the decision to actually get back into training mode and this week will be my first one to get back to it. Now to figure out what I am actually training for, pay the registration fee and focus more on getting ready for it.

One step forward.

Now to figure out the next step.


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