Back In Training Mode – RunLog 9-18-17

A busy day to start, going to the lawyer’s office to finish updating our wills. If you don’t have one, please have one made up – it only helps the people you leave behind and the Courts know what you want to happen to you and your stuff. Then we went and got a new frost-free freezer, to replace our old one that you have to manually defrost = a pain in the arse.

Today I started my latest training schedule. After researching and looking at multiple training plans online and in my library last night, the 10K training plan from Cool Running seemed to best meet what I was looking for.

10k training plan

Yep, it is a 10K training schedule and while I plan to have my goal race be the Gasping Gobbler 5K in November over at Cony, I wanted to do more mileage than most 5K plans usually have. Which will give me the flexibility to bump up the long runs to half marathon distances, so if the body holds up and I decide that I want to do a half, I can.

I know it is not a specific plan for either the 5k or Half, but I think it is something that I can have fun with and will get me ready for what I want to do in both races.

What I will do sort of looks like this and though I have changed it up a bit to meet my schedule. It does give me a framework to look at how I want to move forward. However, it is not a set in stone kind of thing that will be what I do every day.

this weeks plan

Like today’s workout. In my plan I had an easy 3.0 planned, but with Hurricane Jose coming up the coast tomorrow and a trip over to NH in the works, I wasn’t sure of getting in a good 5.0 mile fartlek run. So on the first day of the new training schedule I had to switch it up and do tomorrow’s workout today and do what I can tomorrow.

Nice way to start – huh. First day and I already am changing things up.

Oh well, welcome to my world.

Yeah and my fartlek coach decided that he didn’t want to run this morning. He just wasn’t into the idea of heading out and doing it today. Which meant that we did a 2.5 mile walk and I didn’t get to my run until a lot later than I prefer to run.

I started out the run planning to do the full 5.0 miles with a mile warm-up and mile cool-down, but as the time got later and later, I realized that I had some other things that might get in the way of doing the full distance.

So I set out to see how things felt.

Going down Stevens Hill about a half mile in, I did my first speed play and felt very good. When I looked at the Strava graph it was a lot faster than I expected. Even with the slower segments I went through both of the first two miles sub 8:00.

However, when I looked at the time at Wildwood, I figured that I better turn around there and when I figured out that I wasn’t going to finish the full workout – I lost focus. Mile 3.0 was okay, but I forgot the speed play part of running and the final mile was more of a cool down than speed play.

Oh well, not quite the workout I wanted, but it was still a better quality workout than I usually do. I just have to get used to doing it at a certain pace versus going balls to the wall and hanging on at the end. Unfortunately, proper pacing has never been one of my strong suites = something I will get better at.

You can teach an old dawg new tricks.

Now to get to work on eating a bit cleaner (it would help if SD1 hadn’t brought home a whoopie pie), luckily it was only one and I didn’t “have” to eat the whole thing. I do want to cut back a lot on my sweets intake and eat more real food.

UPS stopped by and dropped off a pair of shoes from Running Warehouse for me that I bought. I decided that I wanted a pair of trail shoes that I could use for low-key trail running, some hiking with Mary and Bennie, then have them for nasty weather running this winter.

I decided on the…

Under Armour Speed Tire Ascent Low Men’s Shoes – Fire


Basically, Under Armour shoes seem to fit me really well (even in their normal d-width), the Bandit 3’s are working really well and finally the Ascent Low’s were on sale. That combo made it a little easier for me to convince myself that I needed them more than wanted them. πŸ™‚


They felt good out of the box fit-wise and when I walked in them they were comfortable. I could definitely tell they are trail/nasty weather shoes when I walked on tar in them, but that is what I got them for.


I can’t wait to get them out on the trails.

An interesting day to say the least.

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