A Bit Longer Than Usual – RunLog 8-21-17

Well we are back from Lancaster, NH and the two-day flip-flop kicked my butt again. Which meant that I looked at and rearranged the training plan schedule just a little to accommodate driving over there and back on most Tuesday/Wednesday through the end of October. Moving my day off from Fridays to Wednesday and making Friday an easy/shorter run day.

I think it will work a little better for me that way.


Tuesday – I ran an easy 5.0 miler – nothing special happened, just putting the mileage in.

Wednesday – DNR. Wednesdays are just a tough day to get a run in. Usually mornings are busy finishing up stuff around the house in Lnacaster and then in the afternoon there is a three hour drive home to get done. After which, I am tired, hungry and really not in the mood for a damn run. 😉

Just being honest.

This morning was a planned 6.0 mile run, so I decided to run over to Goodhue which  actually ends up being 6.7 miles, which means – of course I have to finish up the 7th mile. I prefer the round numbers.

This was an easy day, so no speed was involved and I maintained a steady 9:00 minute pace for 6 of the 7 miles – the last one was a lot slower, but I will just call that a cool-down mile 🙂

Nothing special happened during the run, other than a few sarcastic remarks from the owner of Annie’s General Store – we have known each other for a while and she always gives me grief, when she sees me out running. Especially when I didn’t notice her in the driveway yakking away at me as I ran by – I was someplace else I guess. Not too great on situational awareness at the 4.0 mile point. So she made a point of slowing down to give me grief after she got in her car.

I WILL get even!!!  hehehee

The right hip is acting up like it usually does when I start to increase the speed/distance a little. It will take about 2-3 weeks for it to calm down, so I gotta start doing the Epsom salt baths, heating pad and Aspercreme rubs to get it to go away. Just part of the deal and something that is not a new phenomena.

I did make it to Chapter three of Neverwinter Nights (the original game) last night. Just some old school gaming to pass the time and enjoy some solo D&D time. I even got about 80 pages into The Cleric Quintet over the past few days. Not a bad way to waste a little time, escaping into a little heroic fantasy.

Just gotta get through October 20th and things will be fine :-).