I Thought Summer Was Over – RunLog 9-24-17

By the time Bennie and I got out for our run, the temps had already risen into 80s and I was worried about how Bennie would be on the other end.


Let’s back up for a minute.

Last week I hurt my right hip a bit when running with Bennie, he went left and I planted right, which put some stress on the old hip tendons and stuff. It stayed in the uncomfortable, but runnable levels – enough that I finished a nice 7.0 mile run on it without too many issues.


However, on Friday morning, it was a bit more uncomfortable, but I really wanted to do a run in my new Under Armour Speedtire Low’s to see how they felt on something other than a walk. I was in Waterville and had a few extra minutes so I swung over to Quarry Road and planned on doing 3-4 miles on the groomed trails over there.

I wasn’t sure about how the hip was going to do, since it was pretty sore just sitting in the truck, so I started out and by the time I got to the bottom of the little hill at the start, I turned off the Garmin and walked back to the truck muttering to myself. Sometimes you just have to be smart and shut it down – I am not claiming that I am getting smarter, but the hip didn’t feel right, so I stopped.

I also took off yesterday, just to be careful.

This morning’s run with Bennie turned out to be a nice one as long as we stayed in the shade, but out in the open it was pretty miserable. Bennie did his Bennie intervals, but the anchor on the back didn’t let him go all that fast. Then on the way back once we got back to the flat I could see that Bennie was starting to fade. Once the truck went by, we ran to the lower gate and stopped there – it was too damn hot to go any further with him.

The Speedtire Low’s felt comfortable, did well on the dirt road, but the most surprising thing was that they were quiet on the tar. Yeah that really surprised me, because the tread is fairly aggressive.

The right hip was a little uncomfortable, but it never got beyond uncomfortable, so I kept going.

However, I wasn’t done yet.

After I dropped Bennie off and made sure he had cooled down for the most part, I drove over to UMA. I haven’t run there since I left at the end of June and it seemed like the perfect place to test the Speedtires a little more in their environment. Although it was more groomed trails than anything.

Driving by the bank clock on Out Civic Center Drive, read 88*F, kind of made me think that I was more than a little nuts. The 66% humidity definitely was a consideration too. However, I really wanted to try out the shoes, so I kept on going to UMA.


The hip was hanging in there, so I did easy stuff on the trails, the only places that the hip would bother a little is on the downhills, but otherwise it was just a uncomfortable run, but not a painful one. That I can deal with and there is a difference.


The Speedtires did everything I wanted and I was very comfortable running in them.


6 thoughts on “I Thought Summer Was Over – RunLog 9-24-17

  1. Glad the hip is holding steady! Don’t remember hearing about it last week, but definitely hoping it doesn’t become something you need to deal with!

    This weekend was crazy hot – yesterday was really hot for me as well, and I was out early (not my normal pre-dawn, but early enough). At least on Saturday I got some cover from fog and scattered clouds for the first part that slowed the warm-up … but on Sunday it was clear as soon as the sun came up and temperatures rocketed!

    Good luck with the new shoes!

    1. Yeah, just call me old aches and pains ;-). I don’t talk as much about them as I used, just a frustrating part of getting older that I attempt to usually ignore. I will probably take the next couple of days off running more because of the crazy hot than the hip, but the hip won’t complain too much if I do take a little extra time for it to feel better I think. The Speedtires are my trail and winter running shoes and for when if we ever get to do a little hiking, they are not daily trainers even though they probably would work decently, I have other ones that work better :-). I will be glad when we get back to the 40/50’s at night and 50/60’s during the day. We took the a/c out a little too early I think hehehehe

      1. We were about to remove our A/C units a couple of weeks ago but had other things and are still reorganizing the area where we put them … and got lucky as a result!

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