No Running Today – RunLog 9-25-17

Oh, I probably could have gone out and done an easy 3.0 miler, but sometimes the best idea is to simply – I know this is blasphemy, but the best thing sometimes is just not run.

We had to get up early to get the old freezer ready to leave and make room for the new one. We were scheduled to be the first delivery of the day – anywhere from 7:30 to 9:00 AM.

Which meant everything in that side of the house had to be moved out, the door taken off, the pnuematic pull door frame attachment on the storm door removed, just so they could get in and out of her in 30 minutes or they would get to charge us more in a delivery fee. They had the old one out, the new one setup and running properly in under 25 minutes. They sure as hell don’t give you a lot of leeway on delivering appliances in today’s world do they?

Oh well, it works and it is a frost-free model, so Mary is happy. Then we had to move everything back.

Also it was opening day of duck season, so it sounded more like a minor war zone down on the lake until almost 8:00 AM, which meant Bennie was a shaky baby until after the freezer delivery was done shortly after 9:00.

By then is was already too hot to run with him, hell let’s be real it was too damn hot and humid for me to run for myself. So I decided to call it a day and not worry about running at all, which was probably a good idea anyway, since the right hip was barking a little more than I really wanted to deal with.

The rest of the day was spent puttering around the house, doing a few walks and getting over 11,000 + steps in over the course of the day.

We even put the air conditioner back in temporarily, Bennie was having a tough time and I decided that he needed a break from the heat. It did make the rest of the day a lot more bearable.

85% and high humidity at the end of September sucks, but you gotta play the hand mother nature deals, so a “rest” day became the plan for today.


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