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Month: October 2017

Hunting Season and Running

Every year, I post something about the start of gun hunting season in Maine. Just as a reminder for runners and others who are out wandering around in the outdoors […]

Better – RunLog 10-27-17

Better is a loaded phrase in my world as a runnah. I am, well most of the time a glass half-full kind of guy and try to be positive as […]

Raining – RunLog 10-26-17

So today, when I started my run in the rain, the old body was pretty much resembling 2×4’s and not really interested in doing this running thing. What did you […]

Blogging Anniversary – Missed

I missed a very important anniversary in the annals of my blogging career. Ten years ago on October 21, 2007 –  I published my first ever blog post. It was […]

Backsliding – RunLog 10-23-17

Bennie and I walked 2.5 miles this morning. it was nice down-back and while the temps were still way above average, looking at the amount of leaves on the ground […]

Progress – Week In Review 10/22/17

Last week was all about Progress. Not any earth shattering things, more the making small steps that will hopefully become the building blocks for better things as I move forward.

Why Chi Running?

This post was one of those that was hard to write, because it forced me to really look at why I have decided to use Chi Running practice to help […]

Twice – RunLog 10-20-17

I ran twice today, neither of which was very far – both were just a mile, but at the same time they answered some of my Chi Running questions about […]

Ooops – RunLog 10-18-17

Ooops I ran faster than I wanted to. Today was supposed to be an easier day, where I worked on my Cadence and Posture (that keeping everything going in the […]

Progress – RunLog 10/17/17

Hey, I ran two pretty much pain-free miles today – that is PROGRESS, which makes me happy. The run itself was not anything special other than I did run and […]

Going Backwards to Move Forward

Right now MY running really sucks and to be honest it has for a while. It has been inconsistent at best, fraught with minor injuries and setbacks that have not […]

What Happens to Your “Stuff”?

This is a post I have been meaning to write/finish/get off my chest and this morning I responded to a Facebook post with a long comment that pretty much summed […]

Upta Camp & Still Resting

Today, there is one less thing to worry about over in NH, the camp is now in good hands and its future will include kids playing, it being well-loved and […]