Summer is Over

It is now October, which means that summer is over.

Most years I count summer as June 1st to September 30th. I know convenient, but that is about how I see things living up heah in Maine and no longer worrying about the school year thing.

Things don’t start to actually warm up until June and by the time September is over, the warmth is pretty much out of the air and the leaves are turning color.

Which means summer is over.

As a former school teacher, when school started back up I always had the students recap their summers, just to get a feel for what they did, what their interests were/are and to see how much work I had ahead of me that school year. Even though I am out of education now, I am going to continue the tradition and do a what I did for summer post.

Especially, since it was a summer that was.

Screenshot from 2017-06-30 16.14.33It started out with my brother-in-law Phil passing away on June 1st. The shock of a lifetime to say the least and something we are just starting to come to grips with.

His death changed our lives going forward more than we had any inkling of at the time. After the funeral and stuff we spent 2-4 days (sometimes more) most weeks, in New Hampshire cleaning, fixing and working on his estate.

I won’t say he was a hoarder, but he was a hell of a pack rat that everything had a place, but he was running out of place.


So we had a LOT of work that needed to be done. We are at the 90-95% point now and hoping that the closing dates are coming up soon, so we can get back to a more normal life back home.

My youngest daughter and her family came to Maine and vacationed over by Acadia. So I got to see the grandkids and do some stuff with them for a week. Their time in Maine passed by far too quickly and before I knew it they were on their way back to Minnesota.


One June 30th, I left the world of work again and went back into retirement. We decided that with everything going on in New Hampshire that Mary needed me home more than we needed me to work.


It was a tough decision because I did enjoy working at the University of Maine at Augusta and had met some great people in my time there.

The kind of people that you stay in touch with.

However, once I stopped working it was pretty apparent to me that I enjoyed being in charge of my time versus being on someone else’s schedule.

It was the right choice and to be honest while I miss being around some of the people, I don’t miss being at work.

I turned 60 in August.

Can you frigging believe it – I am 60 years old!!!

Harold Jr 3rd birthday 1960

A helluva lot better than the alternative, but I am still having a hard time believing I am 60, but I made it, despite doing a LOT of dumb shit through the years.

KIMG1518My running – while it didn’t suck, it wasn’t the priority that I had planned for it to be going into the summer.

However, with everything else on my mind, actual training didn’t happen, it was more run when you can, do what you can and enjoy what you can.

I was able to keep decent mileage (around 30 miles a week), with June and September being down months, due more to the workload associated with being in New Hampshire than any other reason.

Although the last couple of weeks of September I did have to deal with a bad bout of bursitis in my right hip. It is getting better, just slower than I want.

Running helped to alleviate some of the stress involved with New Hampshire (and there was more than I want to admit), but there wasn’t enough mental energy left to do much else.

I did manage to get one race in up in Bangor, but never did get over to Bond Brook or Quarry Road for their trail race series this summer, which was disappointing, but it was just a little too much for me to get into the competitive side of things this year.

Hell, I haven’t even gotten around to starting my post 60 racing career yet. You know when you get to re-set your PR’s to your new decade and discard the old ones, so I have to go ahead and reset all those wonderful fast times that represent the runner that I used to be :-).

Unfortunately, I still haven’t run in a race since turning 60, which is not where I expected to be at this point an time.

Now I just have to get healthy physically, screw the old head back on and get my mojo back to actually start training again, because I do want to race more over the next year.

I am still searching for that Cinderella running shoe that fits “just right”.What else is new?

I am getting closer and know pretty much what works and what doesn’t. It is now just a matter of tweaking things to see what works the best for me going forward and to see if the hip issue is shoe related at all or not.


The biggest thing is how well Mary and I worked as a team this summer to get through all the work that was necessary to do in New Hampshire and our own home.

She is the rock that I lean on when the going gets tough and the person I look at and say “I love you” every day we are together.

Yes, I am a very lucky man and while it was not the summer that I expected, it was the summer that was.

Sometimes that is enough.

One thought on “Summer is Over

  1. Seems like a good summer, all things considered. Putting things in perspective allows for the positive to shine stronger than the negative, though I am sorry for your loss.
    happy belated birthday!

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